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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Personal update of the day & my dinner

Hellloooo :)

Time for a little evening update :) Actually, i have pretty much forgotten about my blog today. Hahah. Its good that i had scheduled posts, otherwise i wouldnt have updated at all!
  I began with my first lesson/lecture and then i had some time and went to the gym and then headed to the CF clinic where i ate lunch and sat and worked on school assignments as well as answering all my emails - All my emails are answered. So if you havent gotten a reply and you have emailed me, then resend the email!
And then i got to meet my doctor and everything looked good... my weight is where it usually is, my lung function has increased, new medicines to take and another appointment in 4 weeks time... So the usual really ;)

Once i came home i sat myself down at the kitchen table and began on my maths homework followed by essay writing... trying to formulate ideas, which lasted about 30 minutes before i felt that i couldnt seem to formulate or put my ideas into words and just felt frustrated instead.

Before making dinner i spent about 30 minutes just opening the fridge, freezer and pantry. Not able to decide what i wanted to eat, but finally i settled on making a quick pizza... i.e my microwave bread topped with tomatoe sauce, cottage cheese and 1 with tuna and peppers and the other with tofu, olives and peppers. And i must say, it was delicous :) A simple dinner that didnt take more than 15 minutes to make!!!
   I know many want to see more dinner pictures so i will try posting more of those, though its all about lighting, what we are eating etc :)
  I.e if we just eat like quorn and rice im not going to take out my phone and take a picture of it or take a picture of my portion. But if i eat on my own like today, or do something a little different then i might take a photo. But if we're all sitting at the table im not going to photo my portion of dinner ;) But also if i take seconds somedays, its not like one picture would tell you that. So i hope you all understand that :)

Yes i do eat rice, pasta, quinoa, beans, bulgur, cous cous... its just that you dont always see it. But remember carbs come in the form of crisp bread, bread, fruit, vegetables, beans, oats etc and i eat PLENTY of all of those each day, so please dont comment and tell me i dont eat alot of carbs. As i know what i eat, but also... i dont think of food as protein, carbs or fat. Somedays i eat less carbs, somedays more... just like somedays i barely eat any healthy fats and other days it makes up 60% of my intake.It varies, and thats ok!

ALSO...IF you want to read a post/article which i participated in and answered questions on... about anorexia then go to this link: (Its in swedish, but there is a translate button :))


  1. Hi, I was just wondering what do you mean by scheduled post??? Like does blogger automatically post it for you???

    1. Yeah i write it before hand and then i schedule it for a certain time... so not all posts that are written have i just spent 10 minutes writing before hand :) Like when im in school and that there usually comes up 2-3 posts which ive written beforehand and scheduled so they post then :)

  2. hey, so recently i've been trying to get like really fit and i've been working out and stuff and for sure have been gaining muscle, but i'm starting to eat wayyy more than before and therefore am gaining a bit of fat (like you used to kind of see my abs, but now you can barley see them) and it's making me feel really bad. I just get really bad cravings and stuff and end up eating too much, even of the right foods. and i make myself full and uncomfortable and i feel really bad and i want it to stop, but i don't know how. and i just feel really shitty and i dont know what to do :( i really need your help.

  3. How much do you weigh now??

  4. I am so sorry if I hurted you. I did not meant to comment and tell if you do or do not eat a lot of carbs...I haven't been very clear when I wrote.
    I was just asking as I, myself, do not how to eat and often when I see your lunch/diner picture there are plenty of veggies....That's why I was asking if it was really necessary to have carb at each meal or just like you I can do a full plate of veggies and some time a full plate of carbs....and that I do not have to do EACH time veggies+carbs....

    I am so, just a little bit lost, it what I can read....

    sorry, sorry, sorry, you are so an example for me that I want to go down the same path as you and recover quickly !!
    I have so much projects I'd like to fulfil ....I can way and waste more time that I already did !!!

    1. Oh no you didnt :) Its others who were commenting/emailing and telling me i dont eat alot of carbs and things ;) haha
      I would eat carbs, protein and healthy fats for all your meals as that is a balanced meal. But of course... somedays you eat lses of something or more of others and thats ok as well :) But in general try to eat from all the groups :)

  5. Whats your pizza dough recipe!!?? YUMMMM <3

    1. Im sorry i didnt follow a recipe and i didnt measure anything... But its my own microwave bread recipe type thing :)