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Saturday, October 4, 2014

One of those days/mornings

Its 1.30pm here in Sweden (when im writing this... but this is a scheduled post, set for later :)) and im wondering where the time has gone?!

I had my day fully planned out yesterday evening, i had set my alarm so that i would get everything i needed to do done... but then this morning when the alarm rang i thought i put it on snooze but had shut it off so i slept for an extra 90 minutes. And im not complaining, i love sleep. But now i have had to priortize away something from my day, and in todays case... it was homework and studying. I decided that i would much rather go for a long morning walk than have to sit and study... theres time for that tomorrow! Of course... a little anxiety is creeping in now, thinking that really i should have gotten some work done. But i know i need break from school work as well.
  And my morning walk was MUCH needed. I went for the long route, so it took me 80 minutes of walking and i loved it! Though Daisy was acting up quite alot and kept pulling me in 100 different ways so had to stop every 5 minutes because she was pulling or she needed to pee. Today was a day i would have much rather walked without her... to just listen to my podcast and keep moving forward. But when you have a dog, you find its extremely strange to go for a walk without your sidekick by you :) haha.

Came home, jumped into the shower, washed my hair (sweat is not good for hair!!!), ate breakfast i.e 2X BIG BOWL of quark, vanilla yoghurt and granola... soo much for my stomach. But i was eating breakfast at 11.30am - by this time i have usually eaten breakfast, a snack and about to eat lunch. So i wanted double energy! (Dont compare yourself to me!! I am just stating that uyes... this happens at times. When you are healthy you dont follow a meal plan or set times to eat, so somedays breakfast is later than usual. But i am going to eat PLENTY this evening anyway :))
  Then i fixed with my blog and email and now (1.30pm) im waiting for the bus... i missed the previous one by 1 minute -_- so have to wait 20 minutes for the next one.
  Im about to head to the shopping centre to return the 2 tank tops i bought as well as buy a  present for my friend who has a party this evening :)
And then its home, eat lunch, rest, eat a snack, get ready and then go (not sure if i will eat dinner there or at home) and then i will be at her house party until well.... until people are leaving. Who knows, i might spend the night there!
  Though i am not planning on drinking, though i might take a cider or something or a glass of wine! But just that little amount of alcohol makes me tipsy and makes things a little blurry. Dont like it at all.
  I dont feel the need to drink either, i will have an energy drink with me and im sure there will be cola (yes normal cola. I drink that as well if i am away :))there so i will be fine :)


  1. Sweat is good for your hair! :) i think anyways...

    1. Maybe... but not the amount that i sweat anyway!! hahaha... it just makes my hair dry but greasy ;) not a good combo!

  2. LOVE your jeans in that last pic! where did you get them? Glad you had fun at the party hun :)

    1. Thats so strange i was just thinking about you and wondering how it was going for you :)
      They are from H&M, super comfortable as well :)