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Monday, October 13, 2014

One of my favourite foods

I have alot of favourite foods but one of my top 10 favourite dinner foods is pies!! Not the ones with the "lids" but with the crust on the bottom and on the sides and then an egg filling with chicken/fish/vegetables! I love it.
  Though the store bought ones are not to my liking, instead i prefer homemade. Those little mini quich pies you can buy... nope, not at all as good as home made!!

Infact a few weeks ago when i last made my fish pie i ate it both for dinner, night snack and breakfast.... Delicious, or what? :)

**pictures from google*

I think im going to start making some more of these posts... letting you know some of my favourite foods to give you all inspiration!!!


  1. Yes please! I would love to see more foodspiration posts!! And food diaries too :) love your blog, Izzy, it really does inspire me and makes me wish I could eat like you do!!

    1. :) Ive heard from a few people that food diaries can make people compare themselves so dont know if i will post any. And i never actually remember what i eat in a day!

  2. I just had homemade pie for dinner.
    Wholemeal crust, egg filling, chicken, carrots, cauliflower and broccoli.

  3. When you asked what we would like to read about I wanted to mention that maybe you could share some of your likes/favourites (in the 1st place food-of course, but also maybe music/films/books).
    But that's spinach in the pics, right? Do I remember right that you don't like it? Or in this form it's okay?

    1. Yeah i can try doing that :):)
      No i dont like spinach (the photos arent mine.) not even in pies. ;)

  4. Thank you for looking up these gorgeous pictures for us! They are like an infectious smile :) (I dropped my phone in public yesterday and obviously someone took it. So, the day 2 is about to get to its end and the worry-ish panic from yesterday is starting to melt off and left me with the deps, instead. BUT most of my photos turned out to be safe on an USB, at least :---) I feel super lucky for that. But Mondays don't seem to be my lucky days, at all - TGIT! )

    1. Im sorry to hear about your phone :( That really doesnt sound like fun. But atleast the contents of the phone are safe which is generally the most important!! :) Hopefully the rest of your week will be better!

  5. I love pies! Apple, cherry, cabbage, spinach and especially pumpkin pies. It's hard to pick a favorite but pumpkin is so, so good. You should definitely try it. I haven't eaten pumpkin in quite a while and it was only once but I remember it being pretty good :)I would love for you to make more posts sharing your favorite foods! So that's a good idea you thought of :)
    In Russia they bake these sort of mini pies, called pirozhki. It's like a filling wrapped in dough/dough with filling. They're very tasty and easy for one to eat, you can use your hands. My favorite are cherry and egg with parsley. But there are lots if different ones:with cabbage, meat, mashed potatoes, apples and cinnamon, this sort of cottage cheese etc. I personally don't like the ones with meat because if they are not homemade I'm hesitant with the meat they put in there (but if they're homemade I think they're good). And the cottage cheese ones are just not my thing. I should really try that cottage cheese. Last time I did I didn't like it but that was a long time ago so who knows, maybe I'll like it this time.
    ^^rambling, ahaha! ^.^

    1. Ill have to try pumpkin again and maybe make a pumpkin pie :)
      And dont worry for the ramble!

  6. these pies just sound like quiche!!!!