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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

My hair care routine

My hair and skin care routine are definitely not things i brag about.... infact i spend very little time on my hair and skin.
  Ive never really had bad skin - only when im stressed and my hair... well thats always been a hopeless case. So i gave up long ago!

The years when i was sick and undernourished my hair took alot of damage. It became thin and weak and brushing my hair lead to brushing off half of my head. Or thats how it felt anyway... i had very greasy but dry hair when i was sick. I didnt have the motivation to take care of my hair and it was most of the time up in a poiny tail or bun. I didnt have a mirror when i was at Mando so i didnt see my face or hair that often anyway.

Its only been the past few months where i have actually begun taking more care of my hair. All my life i have dyed my hair different colours - from pink to purple, blue ends, dark brown ,ginger, light brown, different blondes etc etc
  My natural hair colour is very light blonde but as i have dyed my hair so much it is now a sort of sandy blonde. And to those wondering, no my hair isnt my natural colour :( Or the colour it is would have been my natural hair colour if i had never dyed my hair.
  So now when i need to i bleach my hair again... though i try not to do it so often as it really dries out the hair.

And my bleached hair can at times seem very unmanageble!! But ive found a way to manage!!!

I wash my hair c.a 2-3 times a week... i sweat lots and often (I.e when i workout or go for walks) and my hair always seems to get sweaty = not a very good look. But washing my hair often leads to dry hair so 2-3 times a week works for me.
  I use whatever shampoo and conditioner we have at home (picture below of my favourites and what we have at home right now). I begin with first using a little shampoo and using that in my hair, then washing. And then using a little bit more shampoo to really clean my hair (as i have such thick long hair.)

^¨A mix of products!

  Then i either use conditioner or a moisturising hair lotion (??) and i put that into semi wet hair and leave it in my hair for 20-30 minutes. During this time i go out of the shower, put my hair in a turban and do other things and then wash it out it in the sink after c.a 20 minutes.
   This makes my hair VERY soft which it wouldnt be otherwise. So i can reccommend this trick!

And then i straighten my hair 1-2 times a week... this isnt good for bleached hair, but i find that my hair looks very uncontrollable otherwise. But my straight hair never lasts more than a few hours really as my workouts always mess up my hair!! ^_^ 


At the moment i have alot of split ends - so need to cut my hair. But a dream of mine since i was little and cut my hair short (had long blonde hair when i was younger!) was to have long blonde hair again... and well, ive pretty much reached that goal and im not about to let it go now!!! haha

If you have any hair tips, do share!!!

My hair when i was sick...

^¨Those arent the only hair colours ive been either ;) hahah
Ive had more hair colours :)


  1. I LOOOVE your hair color in the basketball pic. So cute :)

    1. Thank you :) I liked it at first but then missed my blonde hair so went back to blonde... haha. it did look good though :)