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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Morning madness

My thoughts this morning were to start my day off right with a delicious fruit salad, however it didnt really go as planned!!
  First off i had to wash bowls as we didnt have any clean ones and i ended up getting water all over my clothes = needing to change clothes. Then when im cutting fruit i knock over my glass of water which spills all over the counter and onto the floor. So i start cleaning that up.... and then finally im about to add the raspberries to my fruit bowl and when i open the package the raspberries go flying everywhere.... (as seen in the picture)

^^Fun to clean up....
and yes, i decided to take a photo before cleaning up #Priorities :)

In total, it took me around 25 minutes to make breakfast. Which limits my time for other things, such as blogging, getting ready etc
  But thats how it is some mornings, its just to turn the day into a positive one anyway!!

Atleast i got something to blog about ^_^

Breakfast: apple, orange, small pear, raspberries. quark, nuts... and more nuts :) & an egg and coffee (my standard!)

^^Realised that i wanted more than cashews :)

What did you eat for breakfast today? :)


  1. how do you make your microwave bread?

  2. Yester day i had kind of the same morning, everything went wrong:D

    1. Those mornings suck, but hopefully your day turned out better :)

  3. I am having an apple, some sunflower seeds, and oatmeal with dried prunes and cranberry juice!! <3

    1. That sounds very yummy! I love cranberry juice! Unfortunately I rarely have it so maybe I'll get some at the store later. Thanks for reminding me :)
      Izzy, your food looks delicious as always. You give me so much food inspiration (along with much, much more) ;)

    2. That sounds like a super delicious breakfast :)

      And thank you Olivia :):)

  4. Cooked sweet potatoes with garlic mushrooms and spinach and nutritional yeast :)

    1. Yumm!! I really want to eat more sweet potatoe but its so expensive here, so i cant eat it often :(