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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Is exercise taking over your life?

Do you feel compelled to do exercise - even if you dont want to/too tired/dont have time?
Do you get anxiety/feel angry/frustrated if you have to skip a workout?
Do you secretly exercise even though you shouldnt/are too tired?
Do you get anxiety if you rest/spend a day at home and do nothing?
Do you feel like your workouts have to X minutes long to count as a proper workout?
Have you felt the need to keep increasing your workout length and intensity?
Do you feel anxious/guilty/irritated if your workout didnt go as planned/you didnt have enough energy to complete your workout?
Is your day ruined if you have a so called "Bad workout"?
Do you exercise even if you are injured?
Do you keep exercising even if you feel dizzy/faint/too tired?
Do your prioritize exercise over everything else?
Do you skip going out with friends/travelling/going somewhere else just because you might not be able to workout?
Do you skip going out with friends/eating out with others/eating with others because then you might have to eat food you dont want to eat or you feel anxious about the hours spent sitting?
You only have energy for your workouts, but after that you have little energy.

If 3 or more apply to you (or really... if any of these apply to you) then your relationship with exercise is NOT healthy. Taking a break from exercise, fighting the demons in your head.

Its ok to love exercise, its ok to exercise often. But its NOT ok to feel anxious for not working out, to feel that a bad workout has ruined your day or you feel that your obsession with exercise is keeping you back from doing things you want to do.

Exercise addiction is a serious problem and its something you need to get a control over before it can cause you any permanent damage/injuries.

If you feel that you are addicted to exercise/have an unhealthy relationship with exercise then read these 2 articles below.


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  1. izzy, have you ever experienced this. I find if i dont exercise (well i say exercise but I only walk, i dont run or anything like that. ) i dont have any appetite; and feel really reluctant to eat what I usually do in a day; I feel a pressure to "make up" for it if I don't exercise on any particular day. And it's also true that if I don't get my walk done I get all anxious, restless, agitated. At the moment I've hurt my foot and I am finding it really hard to rest it and not walk, and to keep to my eating plan as there is a voice in my head saying: you haven't walked today! You don't need all this energy! Is there anything I can do about this? My foot is still sore but I just can't push away this despearte urge to walk and move around. :(