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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to recover on your own

can you give me your advice? i need advice on how to recover on your own. I know you are going to say go get help, you need help but I am not going to do that. I am going to do it on my own but I would love your advice and any tips you have about making meal plans and dealing with my anxiety and actually sticking with my meal plans. Thanks! - Anonymous

I understand if you dont want proffessional help.. it usualy means hospital and that is never fun.
   You can get healthy on your own, it does work.. you just have to want it.. and really fight for it. And of course when your trying to recover on your own, its not as easy...
  when your at hospital and have proffessional help... its easier.. you have a meal plan, you have people watching you, making sure you eat... dont exercise. They make sure you gain weight... they help you recover.
  While your trying to recover on your own, the most important thing is that you have support...that is very important. its almost impossible, if you have no one you can talk to, no one who will be there beside you when things are hard... or someone to remind you thatrecovery is worth it. Someone to make you smile.. whether thats your mum, best friend, boyfriend.. etc etc (but i dont know, when your sick its so easy to lose contact with people.... and if you have lost contact... its just to take contact with people again, and let them know your trying to recover andhope that they can help you, support you.) Recovery isnt easy, its a mental battle everyday.. and facing your body isnt easy while in recovery...
   Ok... the best thing to do is start off small... 3 meals a day, and then add on snacks... so you have 5-6 meals a day. That is the best thing.. its good for the metabolism anyway... its just healthy to eat 5-6 meals a day.
  And when your eating 5-6 meals a day aim for 2500-3000 calories... thats what you need to gain weight. But start off with roughly 1000-1200 calories, and then raise it.
   Really, calories shouldnt be counted...  but when your making a meal plan, then i guess you should know how mcuh your eating.
   Find foods that you like... it makes eating easier... so..i guess thats up to you to decide what you like and want to eat.
  But i suggest to eat full fat foods. It makes gaining weight easier.. and that is what is needed in recovery. dont forget that :)
   And in time you will need to challenge yourself, if your afraid to eat butter and cheese, youwill have to eat a cheese sandwich one day....
If you need a list of snack ideas click here.
 And if you want to see my diet plans (when i was sick & when i was recoverying) click here(might give you an idea of how much to eat and what times.)

My best tips in recovery, are to hide the mirrors... Trust me, it doesnt help. Just have a small one so you can do your make up, brush your teeth, see your face.. but hide the llong mirrors.
  Get rid of the scale... The number on the scale doesnt define you. Ok.. so if your recoverying on your own.. yeah, it might be good to see if your gaining weight or losing weight, but decide a day.. like Monday morning, once a week you check.. and thats it. Hide the scale.. and dont step on it unless its Monday morning.
  You have to be tough with yourself.. you have to be your own guard.

And dont listen to the voice in your head...

There will be bad days.. days when you just want to give up because you feel fat, or eveyrthing is hard... and thats normal, thats part of recovery. Thats the hard times. thats when you need to be 10 times stronger, and just eat anyway.
  I also suggest to make food dates - i.e.. plan to have brunch with a friend, or go for lunch with someone.. go to dinner, or invite someone for dinner.
  Go out for frozen yoghurt etc etc... in the end you need to challenge yourself, and it also makes sure that you eat... it makes it easier if your with someone when your eating. :)

And also to cut down on activity... try to be as relaxed and calm as possible... it might not be easy... but its for the best. it wont help anything if your just rushing around the place.. running up and down steps, out walking.. that just has a negative affect and in the end, it jsut means you have to eat double as much just to hold a weight..
Sticking with the meal plan isnt easy... specially not if your on your own, and know tat you can just skip eating (thats why its best to be with someone who makes sure you eat)... but try this.. every morning when you wake up (and before you go to bed) think of good things, think of things that your going to do when your healthy.
  Or think of all the nice food your going to eat... food you havent eaten in a while, let yourself enjoy food... if you love (for example) muslie & yoghurt, then enjoy it.. and eat it. eat as much as you want of it..
  Remind yourself the good things about recovery, when your healthy.. and remind yourself how beautiful you are,that your worth recovery and a life with out anorexia... 
Make your meal plan, and tape it to the fridge, or somewhere you can see it.. and know that thats what your going to eat... nothing less (more if you want!)....
To help with anxiety... for me, it always helped to write... when i felt like exploding and had loads of anxiety... then i wrote, either on my blog or in my diary. 
  find something which calms you... whether its taking photos, reading, watching a film, knitting etc etc... (something with not alot of activity).. (for me, sure running helps with anxiety.. but it can also have the opposite affect where i push myself too hard because of anxiety...)
   for me, i also liked cleaning and stacking things when i had anxiety... (OCD.) so find your thing that lets you think of other things, takes your mind off the anxiety...
  even talking to someone can help, like ring someone if your on your own.. whatever helps.


  1. it's a really good thing to want to recover for yourself :) i just think that sometimes it gets very very hard, and you can feel so lost and lonely that you will want someone else to be there... maybe if you don't think there is anyone you can talk to in person(because i often felt that way in recovery from anorexia), then you can post a comment here and/or read one of izzy's posts as they are really really helpful :) good luck and believe in yourself that you can get better!! :)

  2. Umm hey! I want to recover on my own but i don't know how much should I start eating.. I'm eating around 1350 to 1400 per day or at least that's what I think.. I am just starting so should increase it slowly to to 2500-3000 or jump to 3000?