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Friday, October 24, 2014

How to eat enough while on a budget

A common problem when it comes to recovery and weight gain is actually having money to buy the food. If you are going to treatment you often have to pay quite alot for that and then you also have to follow a meal plan with certain foods that can cost alot. And not everyone has the economy for it... i sure didnt when i was in recovery. There was alot of compromising i had to when i was at home. At the time that i was a daypatient my family just didnt have enough money to buy all the food which was needed alot of my dinners were things like lentil soup and that of course didnt help my recovery or weight gain. I felt a tremendous guilt that i had to eat so much when we didnt have the money for it. But also the fact that i threw away alot of food or i purged or cheated with food... it was like i was throwing away our money.

So first thing to remember is that you need food. Even if you are struggling financially you cant skip eating. You just need to be smart with what you eat...Maybe eating fresh fruit and veg everyday isnt optimal or just eating questbars for a snack. You need to think economically when it comes to food.

So here are my best tips on How to eat enough while not spending too much.

Buy in bulk or buy foods on sale. -> Buy big packs of things. (This however might not be optimal if you struggle with binge eating or bulimia.)

Try to cook big meals and freeze in for lunch/dinner the next day

Go for frozen vegetables instead of fresh - they are just as nutrious

Buy in season fruit and veg.

Buy big packs of nuts, oatmeal, cereals etc

Make your own granola/granola bars/muffins/snacks etc

Making things like waffles or pancakes are simple and dont require alot of ingredients and you can make alot of them. So the perfect snack. even if you make things like oat pancakes or banana and egg pancakes (however you need to make sure that you also eat ENOUGH while being economically smart!)

Dont buy unnecessary things - like protein bars, protein shakes, energy drinks etc

Eat things like avocados, nuts, dried fruit, bananas, nut butters etc
  Add oils, cream, butter to food - to add extra energy.

Eat bread instead of crisp bread/make your own bread.

Snacks such as flapjacks, greek yoghurt with granola and banana, dried fruit and nuts, oatmeal cookies etc etc are all great and simple snacks that dont cost so much (if you make them yourself) :)

Hopefully this helps to those of you who might not be in the best economic situation. Just remember you need to eat!

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