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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hating someone else wont get you far in life

I just felt i had to share this....

Logging onto my blog before i go to bed this evening and i see this comment on one of my older posts (from a few weeks ago):

My fat what....?

I have been called many things on my blog... but fat has never been one of them. Ive had comments that my body from when i was sick and underweight was perfect, but i dont think i have ever (in my life) been called fat.
  Soo... am i going to let an anonymous - who cant even spell right... its You're not your -  person bring me down? Of course not. I dont need acceptance from anybody. I love my body just the way it is :)

You might want to read my previous post about anon hate: HERE

What are you trying to achieve by writing such a comment? Did it make you feel better? Because i can tell you... it sure made me laugh.
  However.. if i was having a bad day and feeling bad in my body already that might not have been the case, i might have felt very bad in my body.

So if you - the person who wrote the comment - if you even read my blog, most probably not because then you would have seen my everyday pictures, but if you do somehow see this post, then if you are struggling and dislike your body.... dont take it out on others. Instead, learn to love yourself... you can hate people and send out hate comments as much as you want but that wont get you far in life and you wont feel very happy in your body.

And even if i was fat... who cares. Its not like you go up to someone and tell them that...

2 seconds after reading the comment... Feeling very unimpressed.

Ne this morning... i may not be fat, but i do have fat on my body ;) remember that!!! 

Keep on hating - ill keep on smiling.
  Your comment is already deleted and im going to bed with a smile on my face - thank you for making me laugh ;);)


  1. :( some people really, really need to just get a life. You are beautiful, Izzy, don't take any notice of such horrible comments! It really relly gets to me when people like that write such insensitive, stupid comments...I mean, don't they realise how hurtful and selfish they are in doing stuff like that? Your positivity and strength is amazing izzy, please stay strong and dont ever let people like that get to you <3 xxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you :) But dont worry it didnt bother me :) I am much stronger than that. But those type of comments could very negatively impact someone else... so thats why i wanted to bring it up. So that if the person who wrote the comment could notice that i didnt care about what they wrote but also that it could have bad impacts on someone else.

    2. Exactly Izzy I couldn't agree more, it sends out such a bad message! But I'm really glad that it didn't affect you overly much! have a lovely day:) xxx

  2. You're beautiful. And I agree, even if you had more fat on your body well who cares!! Don't pay too much attention to those comments. At times you may think about it a little too much. But it's better not to. There's no point and that comment doesn't mean anything. It couldve been anything, like stupid. But you are neither. You're beautiful and smart and very inspiring! :)

    1. Thank you :)
      Dont worry i dont pay any attention to comments like that. This one however i did bring up because i have never been called fat before, but also.. why is fat seen as a bad thing? I took it as negative at first, but i mean... it doesnt have to be a negative comment.
      When i get negative comments i just delete them and move on :)

  3. That's just rude!! Your gorgeous!! And even if you had a little excess weight, who cares!! People shouldn't say that about other people. They don't know the effects it can have. If it was me they called fat I would probably just break down so props to you :):) Hope you have a good day tomorrow!!! Well I guess its today in Sweden...for you??? I don't know, im confused!! oh well, have a good Thursday :D and remember your beautiful with awesome muscles!!!!!!

    1. Thank you :)
      It was early Thursday in Sweden when you commented :) So thank you... my day has only just started but i hope it will be a good one. I hope you have a lovely day as well :)

  4. The person who has made this comment has a very "interesting" (shall I say distorted?!) interpretation of the concept 'fat'... (and then I've used really polite words:))

    1. Yes definitely. Its such a pity though that that person had to take their hate/anger out through anon hate...

  5. I've got almost the same comment under my video a few weeks ago. I was in a bad mood already. So it didn't help me, but later i laughed and i moved on. :)

    You are looking amazing ! :) And your smile is beautiful as always ! :)

  6. Let the haters hate! Just know that this is a very insensitive and untrue comment and not very helpful for a recovery blog! You are gorgeous Izzy :) xxxxx