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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Food diary

Food diaries has been something requested alot recently from all directions. Previously i have been told that they have been triggering and well im not someone who remembers everything i eat so im not that great at writing food diaries. But i thought i would write out how i ate today:

9am: Breakfast: Egg white oatmeal with yoghurt, raspberries & nuts. & 2 eggs & a vitamin tablet.

10.30am: Study snacks: 2 BIG handfuls of mix of nuts and raisins.

12.30: Lunch: Home made bread with spread, tuna & an apple.

15.10: Snack: Yoghurt with nuts, seeds and dried fruit

17.45: Dinner: 2 quorn burgers, quinoa, mix of vegetables, sweet corn and cottage cheese
Dessert: c.a 500g quark mixed with funlight, nuts and raspberries.

21.30: 3 crisp bread with spread & mackerel & a pear.

^^This was how i ate today... everyday varies. During weekdays i eat a cooked lunch in school or i have a cooked lunch with me if i have a long break. But during weekends and im studying or too tired to cook then it will just be something simple.
  And i often have a dessert after dinner :):) I love my night snacks and desserts :)

Let me know if you want me to do food diaries more often or not at all :)


  1. Mord often please ... It always shows me how little I actually still war and that I need to keep fighting harder to recover

    1. *eat Not war :"D

    2. Ill keep this in mind and maybe post once a week or something :)

  2. i love all of your posts, and i understand people who want more food diaries... i personally find it hard because i am struggling with binge eating and it makes me feel even more terrible for eating so much... but you can post them if other people want and i just won't read them, as i know i will compare myself :(

    1. I just want to help, so please, please, don't get me wrong. But eating regularly good amounts - what your body needs - during meals, doesn't it help to fight binge eating as you provide your body the necessary fuel so you would be less likely to get cravings all of sudden (c.a binge) ? Best of lucks, you can fight this, I don't know you, but I still believe in you (creepy haha but true.) Cheers

    2. Im sorry to hear that. But maybe seeing how eating frequently and normal amounts is good and more normal... not binging and eating loads. But getting into the habit of eating 5-6 meals per day.
      Instead of feeling bad for how much you eat, isntead decide to make a change. Start using a coping mechanism for when you feel like binging and instead try to eat normal sized portions and regular meal times :)

  3. more please izzy, i love all your exciting new food ideas:) your diet always looks so interesting! :)
    what sort of dessert do you usually have? mine usually is a banana, with either warm/cold custard or ice cream, with lots of chocolate on top! i used to be criticised though because my dad and bro thought that i am purposely trying to eat a dessert of less calories. this is not true though! i genuinely love the combination i have in my pud, and besides, i know now that bbananas have healthy fats in them, and are great for gaining weight.
    if you dont mind writing them izzy i would like to see a few more food diaries:) they too remind me that what i used to have - what sometimes i am tempted to just have - wer/are just NOT enough.

    1. Im glad you like them :)
      Ohh that sounds delicious :) I wouldnt say bananas are great for gaining weight, its just that it has more energy compared to other things :) (Just so that nobody reads and thinks that you gain weight by eating bananas!)
      Well my desserts are similar to my snacks i.e dark chocolate or chocolate, casein pudding, yoghurt with nuts and seeds, fruit, dried fruit and nuts, granola, eating cereal just like that etc etc :)

    2. oooh yes izzy, i couldnt agree more, i wouldnt want anyone to be thinking that :o i have to be careful with fruit, as i adore it but i got into the bad habit of just eating fruit and nothing else for snacks..and when i had my ed, im afraid i often ate loads of fruit instead of proper meals. :( but anyway, that's all changed now! and i have to say i LOVE banana and custard/ice cream ;) as the pic on my blog testifies, my favourite ever pud i think is banana + hot custard + a smashed galaxy ripple!! ;)
      there are more to come, but i have a few pudding/dessert ideas/recipes on my blog! just in case you or any of your readers are ever in need of a little inspiration izzy :) <3 xxxx

  4. I find your food diary posts really encouraging. They give me ideas and show what 'normal' eating is. Thanks for taking the time with these posts and if possible I would love to see more.

    1. :) Ill try make one once per week or so :)