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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fitness questions/myths

I was thinking.... i would have a little questions/answers post but mainly aimed at fitness/exercise etc as i have been asked so many similiar questions regarding this subject.
  This can of course be triggering for some, so i thought i would answer all the questions in 1-2 posts for those who are interested in reading... instead of me having to email or comment seperatly on the same question over and over :)

If you have any questions on your mind... say if you have heard a myth or wondering about something like... is it bad to drink coffee? or is it bad to only sleep 6 hours a night or what is the difference between whey protein/isolate protein/casein etc
  Just ask :)

And OF COURSE, you can ask random questions about anything, questions about me, other things you are wondering about :)

So askkkk awaaayyyy! :)


  1. Not sure if it is nutrition or sports, but I've been thinking whether you use supplements during workouts (= mainly drinks) or not. What kind of protein products do you use for your recipes? You can give the brand as well, I think the selection is pretty much the same here :) I'm all out of which carton does what and so on.

    Am I really a bad gym user if I don't want to do basic barbell squats? (I remember that you don't do them either, so I guess this counts as a myth that I would know to be false anyway. I know that they are not mandotary at all - unlike some gym fanatics claim - but it's nice to hear what you think as well.

    I recently got rid of nasty mid-chest pains that I had found quite scary by starting stretching more diligently. Perhaps you could list up some more or less surprising benefits of streching?

    Can so-called bad gym days exists, or do decreased resistances automathically mean weakened muscles? How much can a slight but continuous lack of sleep affect of your performance?

    The society is starting to set up some pressures to spend more time outdoors. Is it ok to prefer going to that gym to spending some time in the fresh air, if you only have time to pick either? This on the daily basis, of course.

    One myth that I still haven't found a proper answer to: does sitting really ruin the shape of your glutes or glute progress? Even though I can't even remember the anxiety spread from the time spent sitting, this question really makes me think at times. The thing is, my glute bridge weights have gone up a hell of a lot (same with the other few exercises that I do for them), yet there has been practically no visually noticable difference. Of course that's not what I do this for, but then again, who wouldn't like seeing their own progress with their own eyes? I have no options for varying the glute exercises that much - there are practically a couple of alternatives that I change sometimes, but the basis of my workout is always the same, and the weights keep on increasing. Is this an ok strategy? Could the buttocks just have 'perked up' so that the progress doesn't really come up as size difference? I love my glute workouts, so the external process doesn't really matter that much, but I've gotten curious.

    Aaaand.. Name one (1!) personal favourite exercise of yours :)

  2. Can you give some advice on either how to start weight training for someone who will only have a limited amount of time exercise each week or would you say any particular fitness classes are good for all over toning? (Can you tell I don't have much free time but would like to spend time making myself feel good about my body!)

  3. Is it bad to eat something sweet everyday? say if I eat 2-4 pieces chocolate (like small squares) a day? What is the worst food out there? like any food you should just stay away from?

  4. how much do you weigh? is it neccessary to weight yourself? can i have a treat everday if thats what my body craves?

  5. what are the best fitness/health tips you can give?
    What is moderation?
    How do i find balance?
    how much protein should i eat?
    how do i know how much i should be eating?
    which i s better tea or coffee?

  6. I second what Amie asked! Right now, I do only cardio but I really want to start weight training and build muscle! It is kind of intimidating to use the weight room at my gym because it is always full of huge guys who know what they are doing. I have no idea where to even start or what to do.

  7. Any tips to build my stamina/running endurance? Anything would be helpful :)

    1. Especially if possible, being able to do on my own, like not in a gym? If that's possible haha😂

  8. How many recovery/sport days a week are good?
    Do you have a cheatday?

  9. How many meals should I have in a day?
    How much coffee is too much in one day?
    How do I know how much water I should be drinking?
    Olivia :)

  10. Is it bad to do the same exercises every workout? That's something I've never found the answer to!