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Friday, October 3, 2014

Fitness myths

On the internet and in magazines there are far too many fitness myths... Telling people what to eat and what not to eat.
  The amount of people lacking knowledge frsutrates and shocks me often. I have many diffferent social media sites where i help people... i.e this isnt the only place where i answer questions and help people. Which is one of the reasons it can take a long time to reply. I know some of my readers know my other media sites, but i try to keep them seperate from each other as the focus is different.
But sometimes the questions i get frustrate me so much... not the person asking them, infact i think its good that the person asks because well... if they keep doing what they are doing, thinking its good then they could get some bad consequences or wont see any results or reach their goals. But its the fact that they have gotten that information somewhere which frustrates me...
  There are many online PTs who give people starvation diets. There are people online, not even qualified to give meal plans or exercise plans but they still do... if i wanted to. I could have made a whole deal money selling weight gain plans or exercise plans, But i would never do that until i am qualified. It is wrong and i would not want to give the wrong advice. I have enough knowledge so that im pretty sure i could make a good plan, but i wouldnt feel right doing it.

What i can do instead, is give free advice... debunk the myths.

Try to teach people the truth, not starvation diets and a juice cleanse.

Starvation diets are NOT healthy and never will be healthy. Yes, you may lose weight by starving yourself but you also lose muscle, hair, you become weaker, lose concentration, lose strength....

Carbs are not bad... they dont make you gain weight. A surplus of calories (over a period of time) whether its from carrots or from rice will make you gain weight.

Dont be scared of the egg yolk - its healthy fats. Its good for your body. 

Dont be afraid of olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil - its healthy fats which are essential for your body!!

Its ok to eat chocolate or ice cream or crisps now again.... you dont need to deprive or restrict yourself!

Fruit are not unhealthy or have too much sugar. Fruit is healthy, its natural sugar. GOOD for your body!

Skipping snacks is NOT a good idea. Snacks help keep your blood sugar stable.

You DONT need to do 1-2 hours cardio everyday to tone up/lose weight etc
  Exercise should NEVER be used to compensate for eating.

Doing crunches and core work everyday will give you visible abs..... Nope. It will give you a strong core if you do different core exercises 2-3 times a week but doing it everyday is just breaking down your muscles. 

Please eat ENOUGH for your body. Dont starve yourself or skip carbs or healthy fats. Dont go your whole life without eating food you really enjoy, dont wear yourself out with exercise you hate.... learn to live life. Enjoy the life you life!!! Dont believe everything you read/hear!!


  1. This is a great message! So many myths out there, they need to be broken! :)

    1. Yes!! I hate when i see posts and pictures where there is so much false information i just want to debunk all of it and write out the truth... or who knows, maybe im wrong. Dont believe everything i say either, but i still believe that from all the research ive done - of all the sides of a problem i believe i have quite alot of correct information!

  2. Do you actually know some GOOD Fitness Blogs/instagram to follow? Because i cant say that o know a lot about Fitness etc. and i dont like the way so many People promote it, as if it was all only about looking good etc.... But i still want to learn more about how to become healthy and fit.. so... do you follow any good Fitness Blogs? thanks! and i love this post as ist so true!! xxx :)

    1. Hmmm... i follow alot of swedish ones... but i will answer this in a post maybe, i have an upcoming questions/answer post where you can ask me some health/fitness questions and then i might link to some blogs :)

  3. This is a very good post!! Is it bad to eat after 8pm? (20:00) I don't know... i read it and now I don't do it anymore:/ what do you mean?

    1. It us perfectly fine to set after 8pm. You eat when your body needs it, holding your body in the fasting state can cause unnecessary breakdown of body protein!

    2. Should be is instead of us, and eat instead of set! Sorry

    3. Its fine to eat after 8pm :) Its about total energy intake, not really when you eat it. Somepeople find that they cant sleep or they get heartburn if they eat too late.. but otherwise, if you are hungry then eat :)