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Friday, October 17, 2014

Family dinner

Most days a week due to different schedules there arent so many family meal times together... my mum and step dad either eat dinner by the time i come home from school and eat my after school snack. My sister usually makes her own simple and gluten free dinners. Or my parents come home later (after a yoga class - my mum is a yoga teacher) and eat dinner then..... and well, its all up to yourself to fix dinner during the weekdays.
   But on weekends and Friday we all eat dinner together (and during the week when we can of course :)). Tonight it was salmon, mashed potatoes (and i ate root fruits as i dont like potatoes), sauce, salad and brocolli!

^^Not all the food is served yet... but i thought it was so rude to demand everyone to move just so that i could take a photo, hahah!

    My dad was with us and it was just such a weird dinner.... hahaha. Me in a grumpy and tired mood, my mum always behaves differently when my dad is around, my step dad being super friendly, my sister trying to make the conversation roll on... and i just wanted to laugh all the time. It was just so weird and awkward, despite us all being family.
  Dont get me wrong, my mum and dad dont fight or anything... but of course my dad finds it weird being around our step dad. But they are both nice to each other and that :) Its just weird all together :) (My family is SO big and just spread out everywhere and i have a half brother... a sort of step sister and a sort of step mother, but my dad has met a new woman who also has a teenage daughter and they're planning to get married (i.e my dad and his new girl friend)) and gosh... i dont even want to think about christmas get togethers or family holidays. It doesnt even work anymore.... not to mention my 2 step brothers from my step dad, and his whole family....^_^I dont even want to start drawing a family tree ;);)

^^Now you might know why i rarely talk about family, because well... so many different relationships and everyone is everywhere... and of course, the main question they all like to ask me is: Do i have a boyfriend ;)

Im sure many can relate!!!

Back to dinner then..... after dinner it was chocolate but i felt that the alcohol in them was too much for my tastebuds so one was enough for me.

    But only an hour after eating im super hungry again ^_^ I didnt eat as much for dinner as i wanted as there just wasnt enough food :(
   So its time for a big night snack.... my stomach is growling. Hahahah. Hormones ;);)

*'Remember to eat, even if you are hungry an hour after eating. Your body obviously wants more food, so go get some :):)


  1. how come you dont like potatoes?

    1. I dont like the taste of them... not boiled, mashed, wedges or any way. Ive written about it before :) Also when i was at Mando i was forced to eat potatoes pretty much 2 times aday for 1,5 years so that put me off potatoes as well and i havent eaten potatoes - or hardly any since then.

  2. I have a huge family as well and it's spread out all over the place. Yeah, sometimes I laugh a little inside when people act awkward around me. There's just nothing better to do, I guess.
    I can relate ;) ;)
    I don't really like chocolate with alcohol in it :/ I mean I can eat some and it tastes good but it's just a bit too much and not much chocolate taste, so yeah... But regular chocolate I absolutely love!!

    1. Hahah, im glad you understand :) Yess... regular chocolate for the win!! The combination of chocolate and alcohol just isnt one i like!

  3. How come you know that there is alcohol in the chocolate? Is there any specific word that say it contains alcohol or it's clearly states in the box?

    1. Well Baileys makes liquor so i am presuming that the truffles contain alcohol also that there was a very strong taste of some form of alcohol in them. So yes im 99% sure that there is alcohol in them.... if you are asking whether i checked in the ingredients, then no... i havent. But from my taste and common sense i can make a pretty good guess.