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Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 9. Best or Worst Halloween Memory #TBT

Hmmm.... i dont really think i have a best or a worst. Halloween has never really been a favourite holiday of mine. But here are a few of my memories:

When i was c.a 5 years old my family and my sister and I had forgotten about Halloween and i had spent the day in hospital so my mum and I came home late and my sister wanted to go trick or treating but we had no costumes. And also well.. the nearest house was like a 10 minute drive away. So instead my put sheets over us and cut 2 holes where are eyes were and then we drove to this small local food shop and went in there. And because the owners knew us well they told us we could get some candy out of the small pick and mix for free... (whether it actually was free or not, i dont know :))

One year when we were celebrating halloween with my mum she didnt want to buy any candy, she wanted us to have healthy treats - so we had fruit and berries and dark chocolate and home made chocolate and popcorn. We werent expecting trick or treaters, as we lived so far away but there did come some.... and we didnt know what to do. So we pretended we didnt hear them, but they kept knocking as they knew we were home and eventually my mum opened the door and gave them an apple each... im sure they wished they had gone away!! haha

Another year on Halloween we were with my mum and once again, not really doing anything special and suddenly this drunk man stumbles into our house. My sister and I got really scared... however my mum got him out of the house and double locked the door. But i felt very uneasy for the next few nights.

2 or 3 years ago? I went to a house party with my sister for halloween... i got surrounded with guys trying to chat me up, and my sister kept making sure i wasnt drinking and had to save me from all the people (as i didnt know anyone else there!) haha... Not the best memory if im honest. But it was the first house partty i had gone to!

Lots of different halloween memories.... and im sure im missing many funny stories as well! My family has never liked Halloween...
  Which brings me to another memory. When we were spending halloween at our dads place and there came trick or treaters and 1) the dogs went crazy with all the ringing of the bell and each time someone knocked my dad got angry as he didnt understand what they wanted (we didnt have candy) and when he explained thatt o them, then they said they wanted money... -_-' Not a very good halloween!

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