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Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 6. 10 Things You'd tell yourself when you started blogging

I cant really remember what i told myself/thought  when i began blogging. My intention was never to have readers.. it was my online diary. A way for me to express myself, but my thoughts over blogging, why i was blogging and the content of my blog changed alot over time.

Im sure my thoughts in the beginning were something similar to:

No one will read my blog.
I will never have readers or viewers
I dont know why im blogging - whats the point?
Blogging is silly.
I should stop blogging

etc etc

I always thought blogging was silly, i didnt think i would have readers. But there was something that kept me blogging... i mean ive blogged for almost 5 years (4,5 years for almost everyday), thats qute an achievement. Not something i can say about everything i have done... since i am someone who likes to start things, come a long way and then might not finish it because i realised i dont like what i am doing or that its wrong etc etc
When i first began blogging even though i didnt think anyone would read my blog i kept myself quite anonymous.. changing my age, no name and i thought i had bulimia at first because i was purging so often. Not even considering the fact that i barely ate and over exercised. It was just the purging i thought was an actual problem..... and then later i was diagnosed with anorexia and it shocked me as i just thought. I am a living lie... i am too fat for anorexia and why am i purging... i still eat something im not skinny enough and dont restrict myself enough for anorexia.
Blogging is a very strange thing, some love it and do it for years. While for others they start and then realise that its not all what its made out to be.
   Many begin blogging expecting to get 100 followers every night and to go from 0 page views to 500 in a week. But its not that simple... i have never been someone obsessed with followers, readers, statistics. Not even now... of course when i lose a follower i can ask myself the question why? But then i think... well i have X other followers so i must be doing something right. haha
   But i still blog for my sake, because i like writing. But i write alot of posts which my readers - You - want, as my blog is now more of a help blog rather than my online diary :) :)

^^This was just at the start of my ED when i had begun not eating in school

^^ Several months later after restrictive eating: The young me who began blogging thinking i was suffering from bulimia and needed to lose weight.

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  1. aww thanks for this izzy! it really has inspired me to keep on blogging - like you did, i often still think to myself, "is there really any point in doing this! my bblog is so stupid! Noone's ever going to read this! ", etc. but the most important thing is i LOVE to blog and that I like to think that maybe, just maybe, i could be helping other people like me too. and it has really, really helped me to keep track of my recovery, and to remind me of what i went through and what i fought against, and to never, ever lose hope.
    I'm so so glad you decided one day to blog Izzy! It is an attribute to you and you have clearly helped and touched the lives of so many people. It is so much more than a help blog izzy, and i am sure i am not the only one in saying that it was indispensible to me in my recovery - your posts assured, inspired and comforted me every day I felt like I couldn't go on. Thanks a million Izzy for blogging! :) x