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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 5. Your Fall Bucket List

This list is gonna be Hella boring ;) But that is what happens when you go full time in school as well as having other things in your life.... there really isnt so much room for other things.

  1. Finish all my essays yup i've now got 5 essays all due within 2-3 weeks time... and lets not mention my maths test right after my midterm. This is going to be fun.
  2. Go to the cinema and watch Gone, Girl (ive read the book and its really good!!)
  3. Go to a breakfast buffet
  4. Go out and eat lunch/dinner somewhere :) :)
  5. Go out and run my breathing capability still isnt letting me do this :(
  6. Have a movie night
  7. Make questbar cookies
  8. Bake something
  9. Bake something rawfood
  10. Take photographs (i.e have a photoshoot... i feel i need more pictures No, i can never have too many photos of myself )
  11. Stress less

This is just the things i could think of for now which i want to do/achieve this fall, so lets see if i do :)

Do you have anything you want to do this fall/autumn? :)


  1. Priority number one, fully recover of course. But also buy a phone as I still didn't replace my robbed one, maybe create an Instagram account (do you have one, random question, I know), take a picture jumping in a stack of orange leaves, learn to play guitar, and get a hug from someone unexpected. Oh and remember to smile more often cause with the cold coming, we better stay frozen with a huge smile than making an ugly face ;) -C.

    1. All sound like very good plans/goals for this fall :) Yeah i do have an IG, if you want to follow me just let me know... though i rarely post :)

  2. Buy an apartment....
    Saturday and Sunday I have been visiting, visiting and visiting apartment and finally found one that pleased me ... A little bit far from the office (less than 1h30 commuting) but near the forest (200m) !!

    On Sunday, I made an offer to the estate agency ... and now I wait .....

    1. That sounds great :) Hopefully the drive/commute to work wont be so bad if you get the apartment :)

  3. Izzy,
    How to cope with meals (what to eat) when carbs are a binging/purging triggering food?
    I have noticed that each time I eat Rice, Pasta, Bread or Potatoes in my meal I just go on ...binge/purging.
    The only moment I can eat bread or oats it's in the morning....

    What can I do for the other meals ? Just simply avoid all carbs....until I feel that I can reintroduce them again and eat a lot of veggies instead...but there might be something wrong doing so ....

    1. I wouldnt skip carbs because that will just make them more of a trigger and binging food. You need to eat them in moderation. Try adding in a fruit affter lunch and dinner or with snacks. Eat quinoa, beans, bulgur, whole grain pasta etc
      You could almost try increasing your carbs instead... but go for whole grains instead of white bread/pasta/rice. As its that that can cause a sort of empty feeling or not feeling full and can lead to binging.
      But i dont think you should avoid them because your body needs carbs, just eat the right ones.And maybe eat different forms of carbs instead... of course you should be able to eat white rice/pasta/bread without binging, but for now focus more on the complex carbs and whole grains. See if that works.

    2. I can seem weird but when I eat cars (whole cars or not) it give me a sort of a sugar rush and when I just have a bite ...well...I just want more and more until I just binge/purge...just as is I can not control myself as soon as I eat some.

  4. Hi Izzy!
    I looove breakfast buffets! I´ve hosted a couple of brunch parties (years ago, when I was better) where everyone would bring their favorite breakfast food. Then it´s just calm chilling :)
    My goals for the fall is to fully recover, try new foods, break habits and rules of my ed. And maybe host another breakfast party :)

    Enjoy your week!

    1. All sounds great :) Face your fears, try new foods, break your ED rules :) Stay strong.