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Friday, October 31, 2014

Breakfast for lunch & advice about binging.

I am someone who promotes cooked food for lunch. 1)Because its delicious and 2)it gives you the energy you need and 3)it has all the macros (YES, you need carbs, protein and healthy fats for lunch (and dinner!)) you need.
  But somedays like today... well cooked lunch just didnt seem so appetizing. And as i love breakfast and love breakfast food but my breakfast this morning wasnt so delicious i felt i needed to make up for it by eating a delicious breakfast for lunch ;)
   Somedays this is what you need!

So cold oatmeal (sounds strange buts its like overnight oats... but you have already cooked it - and then i put it in the fridge for an hour) with quark & granola. 2 eggs, nuts and a questbar. to grow!! I felt super hungry for lunch, and that meal kept me going for a very long time!!!

Recently i have been getting alot of emails about binging and binge eating and the amount of people who have been emailed me about this is frightening. Though i completly understand what you are going through, i have been through it as well. Binging on foods in the evening or when no one was at home. Sometimes i didnt even know why i binged - though the fact was i wasnt eating enough and binging was my bodies way of saying it was hungry and wanted food. Binging also occured when i was stressed or had anxiety.
 Its also important however to distinguish extreme hunger and binging... binging can happen at rare occasions or certain times at days or they are linked to certain feelings such as loneliness, stress, anxiety, guilt etc

If you are binging its important to realise that that isnt healthy either. Thats the other side of anorexia when you have gone from complete control to no control... but you need to find a balance. Because its ok that somedays you take an extra slice of cake because its so delicious but its not ok when you eat half a cake and you cant control yourself or you stand in the kitchen and eat a packet of biscuits, half a box of cereal and 3 slices of bread.
  If you find yourself binging try to figure out why.... are you drinking enough water? Eating enough?Eating enough carbs? Are you tired? Are you stresssed? Are you bored? What are you feeling?
  It can help to eat frequent meals, increasing your carbohydrate intake, drinking more water and just adding a bit more food to each of your meals. And when you feel those feelings of wanting to binge. Distract yourself... leaving the house is one of the best options or calling a friend or talking to someone. Try not to keep food in your room or to just hang around where there is food.

Food should not be seen as a nothing or everything type of thing. Its not black and white. Yes, you can eat just a row of chocolate, you dont have to eat the whole thing. Yes you can eat a slice or a slice or two of cake. You dont have to finish it all.'
   Try to find balance and an inbetween... if there are certain foods you cant keep from binging on then try to keep them out of the house until you feel that you have more of a balance with your food and you dont have any thoughts of binging. Then when that is under control you can begin to reintroduce those foods again and see how you cope.

Remember that binging is also an eating disorder and its not uncommon for people with anorexia to begin binging. Ive been through it, its tough and its not fun. There are feelings of guilt and shame but DO seek help or talk to someone. Try to control the binges, distract yourself. However DONT just let the binges continue and DONT restrict the next day because that will lead to the viscious cycle of restrcit - binge - purge - restrict cycle.


  1. Looks delicious!!!!! :) and thank you very much for this post :) it is really helpful and appreciated!! :)
    sending you lots of love :)

  2. you mentioned distinguishing between bingeing and extreme hunger. Could you elaborate more on that? :/