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Monday, October 20, 2014

Bloating - it happens to everyone

As i mentioned in my previous post i have had the worst stomach pain and bloating today - all day. From the moment i woke up.... not a nice feeling at all. Also it doesnt help that Sunday night i was craving salt so ate lots of salt and drank water = body retaining water.
Today i have walked around with a HUGE bloat, infact when i showed my sister she joked and said i looked like i was pregnant... my mum got angry at her for making that comment. But it didnt bother me at all, i know how i looked, but i know that this isnt how i normall look anyway!! Its quite a contrast, haha!

But i wanted to show you that yes... i bloat as well. Many people panic about it, i get it. Its not a nice feeling... but i just put on comfy clothes, kept eating and drinking like normal and hoping that it will pass in a few days. (Though i am suspecting that i might be intolerant to something that i am eating as this has happened before... i think it might be lactose :(:( Ive said about 101 times that im going to stop eating dairy but i just cant seem to give it up :( So i guess i have to take the consequences if im going to eat it.)

^^Sunday afternoon

^^Monday morning (and all Monday)
p.s im straightening my hair in the picture hence the funny hair do ;);)

Please DONT panic about bloating. Trust me, its not worth it. Thats how the body behaves.
And everyone bloats... you can see the contrast between the 2 pictures... i dont always look like the first pictures and thats ok. Im a human, i have a body. The body isnt made to always have a super flat stomach.

When you bloat, instead of restricting, feeling bad, wanting to not eat or wanting to overexercise or whatever other thoughts you have.
Just take a deep breathe... remember that everyone bloats. Instead, drink some tea, stay awy from fizzy drinks, dont chew gum, wear comfy clothes and know it will pass!


  1. thank you soso much for this izzy, it came at just the right time!! having just made myself a gorg dinner and a banana pud, I was feeling really bloated and horrible and guilty for eating as much as i did - but this helped me feel alot better :)
    i agree, that wearing comfy clothes reallly helps. before eating i stuck on my cosy pj bottoms which always helps me to not notice the bloatedness quite as much.
    for me, i always find when im looking down at my belly i think...gosh, im HUGE. but then when i look in a mirror i always think: that doesnt look quite so bad! but i think it all depends on the person, i think avoiding the mirror is better for alot of people.
    i think i am beginning to accept the fullness feeling now. i tell myself that is good, it means ive eaten well...and it might be a little uncomfortable for a while, but i try to think:.itll go away in a few hours, after all! and..well, i may be very full but its worth it, for i really, really enjoyed what i just ate. that sort of thing.
    to be honest izzy, i think you look great in BOTH set of pics. and i agree too when you say that its not normal for the stomach to be flat all the time. its just another curve after all, nothing more! :) x

  2. Try drinking 2-3 cups of green or peppermint tea 30mins before eating breakfast in the morning. It'll help get rid of bloating and constipation- it's also delicious! :)

  3. I discovered I was lactose intolerant but it helped me a lot to give it up. In the US there are dairy substitutes like almond milk and yoghurt made from coconuts, I don't know about where you live. You could try and find a product that has the digestive enzyme lactase that would help you disgest the dairy better if you choose to eat dairy.

    P.s. your blog is so inspiring, thank you so much for keeping it and posting so often .