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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Afternoon snacks and thoughts from yesterday (and also advice about exercise addiction)

After 2,5 hours studying at the library this made the perfect snack: quark mixed with lactose free yoghurt, raisins, nuts, 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 orange (ate the other half before lunch) and coffee!

I thought i would also share some thoughts which i had yesterday.
Yesterday i spent the whole day doing test and i had a 65 minute break where i went to the shop and bought myself lunch (sallad with my favourite combination of avocado, sundried tomatoes, chicken, falafels and cottage cheese)  and then went back to the school and ate lunch in a crowded room. I sat on my own and enjoyed my delicious lunch. But while eating i got struck with thoughts of, I remember the time when this would have been impossible for me. If i was on my own i wouldnt eat. If i had lunch or a snack with me i would have thrown it away and used the hour to go walking...
Infact i wouldnt even have been able to do the tests because 1)I wouldnt have had the concentration or energy for it but 2) I would have gotten too much anxiety and guilt over all the hours spent sitting. When i was sick i had a huge problem with sitting and resting... A problem which i have noticed more and more people emailing me about.
People feeling guilty and anxious about having to sit in school or when travelling etc
But i can tell you its nothing to worry or feel anxious about. When you are a healthy weight and go to school/work etc then you will have more activity in your life and you can choose whether you want to exercise or not. But being scared of sitting is not healthy... its not normal.
Spending time standing all day - i used to do that. And that has lead to knee and back pain and worsened my genetic hip pain as i used to stand really weird as my legs were tired.
I never really knew why i was so scared of sitting or resting.. it was just something that my ED told me that i couldnt/wasnt allowed to do it.
But it was such a sick behaviour and the only way i really got over my obsessive exercise was to be admitted as an inpatient where i was forced to sit and had to be in a wheel chair so that i wouldnt move anywhere.
I wish i could give you some miracle advice or tips but the only advice i can give is that you have to realise that sitting and resting is not a bad thing. You have to face the anxiety of resting... know that nothing bad will happen to your body. That you are just stressing your body with all the exercise... and what happens if you will very badly injure yourself i.e you back/hip/knees and no longer be able to walk or stand properly... do you want it to go that far?
You need to face the problem head on because it wont get better by listening to the voice in your head and exercising each time you get anxiety.
Instead find a hobby or something you can do by sitting and resting. Its the only way....

Unless you want to live your life with an obsession and addiction to exercise and not being able to travel, spend time with friends or family or sleep somewhere else because then you cant stand/obsessively exercise.

But back to my main point... while sitting and eating lunch i felt this happiness over how far i have come. Of course its been 2 years since i was declared healthy and i have eaten lunch on my own numerous times and i live a healthy life with balance. But sometimes you just get flashbacks of how it was before and you realise how far you have come. And how happy you are that you made the decision to change :):)

^^I remember this photo so well because we were on our way out and my sister told me to sit on that chair thing so she could take a photo and it took her 5 minutes to get me to actually sit down because i was so scared and 2 seconds after the picture was taken i was back on my feet...the anxiety and panic rising in me because i was forced to sit for 2 seconds.

^¨Trying to pretend im happy after my 3rd walk that day in the freezing cold.

^¨The PURE and TRUE happiness after a 10km run!!!!

^¨Enjoying resting and having a photo taken of me :):)


  1. this is very true for me, izzy.
    i remember certain things like that too. of going on holidays and going on the plane...and getting up every hour or so saying i needed to go to the toliet or something...though really i didnt need to go at all; i just couldnt bare sitting still for that length of time.
    also, like you, i would never eat alone. if i was left alone at home - i would not eat properly. the times i was left alone when i had my ed? they became times when i would consciously eat as little as possible to confiscate for "overeating" the day before, or not exercising enough on any particular day, etc.
    your later pics really do testify how far you have come, izzy! you look so healthy and bbeautiful, and genuinely happy - which is heart-warming to see and so inspirational... I'm hoping too that in a few years time il be able to compare pictures of myself and think how much progress i really made and how much i have overcome, and how better I look too, now that I have gained weight!:)

    1. Its hard to over come the exercise addiction and obsessive because they are so engrained in your mind and you also do things which nobody notices - unless someone has suffered from it themselves. But YOU need to break free from them, know that it is for the best. That you wont get better without fighting all those thoughts because really.... if you are on a plane for 5 hours, what harm is there sitting those 5 hours... everyone else is doing it. Instead its better that if you are in situations like on a train, plane, car ride or even a friends place and you get the thoughts that you have to get up, that you have to exercise. instead sit for another 5 minutes and then get up... and the next time sit for 6 minutes and then get up... and eventually if those thoughts pop up you are able to sit for 30 minutes and the thoughts pass and you realise that you dont have to get up at all... that the anxiety and voice in your head has stopped.
      So stay wrong. Focus on what your goal is... if you want to be healthy and happy and recovered then you have to fight for that!