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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

About Aeroboxing

When you realise that you had promised to write this post several weeks... or months ago. :/ Im sorry....

I found this in my drafts and realised i had forgotten to write about aeroboxing which i had promised a reader i would.

Soo.... where to start... well, if you want to know more about Aeroboxing and Bodies in Motion then you can read the guy who started Aeroboxing ' s blog:

Its in Swedish, but im sure you can Google translate... im sure it says alot more detailed there about aeroboxing.

I went to my first class summer 2013 with my step dad who has been doing this training form for more than 10 years and trained with Jose (the guy who started it). The first time i went i had this love/hate relationship to it... it was outside and there were a group of us who came. And we boxed, ran, did weird jumps, used resistance bands... we sweated, we laughed, we cried and it was all high intensity. While working out i both hated it and wished for it to be over because it was so tough, but at the same time i loved it and wanted to do it everyday.
   I went once a week or whenever my step dad was going but then when it got colder and school started again it wasnt so easy to go anymore as the classes were still held outside.
  But my step dad and i bought our own resistance band and boxing gloves and worked out together.

I recently also went to a 2 day course where i learnt how to be an Aerobox instructor and am now a licensed aerobox instructor... i.e i can hold classes and teach it if i want. However i dont feel so confident enough to do it.
  But ive pracised being an instructor with my step dad and with my sister, but i hope that next summer i will feel confident enough to try to coach a small group. But im also hoping to go to another coure to build up my confidence and knowledge so i can teach it properly.

With aerboxing it suits everyone... whether you are an athlete or a newbie. You give as much as you can and the person you work with supports you and peps you, but in the end if you can only give so much then thats ok.
  All the exercises try to incorporate the whole body and you can do some weird exercises such as doing bicep curls and standing on one leg or when you do shoulder presses someone shakes teh resistance band so that it adds extra instability and you work the small muscles in your body.

The whole training form is about functional training... if you were out in a forest you should be able to train using what is around you. But also if you are at a gym you dont have to do just squats and deadlifts and bench press... instead, try doing pistol squats or standing on one leg while doing military presses etc... ive incorporated this theory into my workouts when i want to change it up a bit. And of course, some weird looks i might get, but i know that its working and im activiting small muscle groups in my body to help me progress.

The workout is a mix of boxing, body weight and resistance band and you always have a partner to work with. The workout is high intensity and makes your heart beat like crazy!!!
   There is no fixed workout plan, you just create the workout in a way where you warm up with boxing, then do resistance training and body weight training and then cool down again with boxing.

Each workout is always different and i use my imagination to create exercises!!! I would love to film one of my aerboxing workouts one day, however my sister isnt so comfortable with being filmed and ive found it weird to ask my step dad... but here is a video (though because it has music not everyone can see it...).

^^And yes... the video is sped up so i look like a duracell bunny. hahahha. I laugh each time i look at the video because it goes so fast ;) But the video would have been like 10 minutes otherwise ;);)

If you have any questions, dont be afraid to ask :)


  1. It's easy to forget stuff like that. Sometimes I forget to reply to emails or comments. It's nothing personal and doesn't mean I don't want to reply or am not interested its just that I plan to reply but then forget somehow :/ I guess life just gets in the way. I wouldn't worry about it though. It's completely understandable.
    Are boxing sounds really fun! If I had a partner who had time to workout with me and one I would be comfortable with then I would probably try it out :)

    1. Yeah i say i am going to reply but then something else pops up or i have to do something else first and then suddenly ive forgotten all about the comment or topic i said i would write about.

      If they have boxing or kickboxing classes at your gym you shoudl try them.. its sort of similar! Or even bodycombat... i used to go to that but now they dont do that at my gym anymore :(