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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1st October

Today i am going to skip the whole, New Month, New You, New oppertunities. Because well.. you can make a change Anytime! You dont have to wait for a new day  or a new month to make a change in your life... you just need to make the change, whether its Wednesday at 6am or Friday 11.59pm or Monday 8am...
  You can change your whole life with a decision and motivation to change!

Something which i though have thought about recently (I do alot of thinking as you may notice, hahaha!) and that is.... How i love blogging and documenting my life.
  Because when im 50 i can look back on my blog  (if its still online, maybe not.) but look at the posts and read back over them. Read how i was feeling, what i was doing, look at photos....
 Also something i have noticed is that many people dont take as many photos as i do... or yeah, maybe they do. They just dont publish them :) hhahah.
 I take photos of my delicious food, myself, my family (though i dont publish them for safety reasons :)), Daisy, when im out doing things, going for walks etc.... 50% is because posts without pictures are boring (according to me) and i like to show what im doing... evidence almost :) And the other 50% is because i truly love having photos. There have been many nights where i just lay awake and scroll through my camera roll or look through photos from the past years and smile.... look at all the good moments, but even the bad ones. They bring memories, both good and bad. But its nice to have photos.
    I am definitely not camera shy - im not the one to strike an ugly pose - (Hhaahah... joke, i always do. 95% of the pictures taken of me are ones with an ugly pose/face, but they dont get published :)), but i mean if someone has a camera out i dont mind them taking a photo of me just sitting in pyjamas or sitting and studying or baking etc... its like they are documenting the moment. And i like that.

But also, at the end of each year i always do a sort of review of the year... look back at each month and look at what i have done - or not done in some cases! I like doing this, looking over my year. Seeing how i progress, all the things ive done, looking at the photos.
  This is definitely a plus side of blogging, of documenting my life online :) But there are so many other positives such as talking to such lovely people frmo all over the world, getting to help people, share ideas, even have food swaps which i love as i love trying new foods from different parts of the world!
   Such positivity to start this day and this new month :)

This post became a little longer than expected so.... today i have one lesson in the morning (which willl be a long lecture) and then i have to go to the CF clinic and thats my day... (as i wont have time to return to school for my last lessons). Though i need to make sure to get lots of work done today because tomorrow i have a science trip and will be spending the day at a radiation hospital (?? or what to call it) and i will be missing several hours of work/studying time... so that kind of sucks, hahaha :) :)

Here is my delicious breakfast - i just wanted more!!!
  Egg white oatmeal topped with quark mixed with yoghurt & strawberries, a pear and coffee (x2) :)


  1. Hi Izzy,

    So much thanks for all the breakfast pictures you send ! (although sometime I'd like to have some of your lunch and diner picture...just for inspiration and quantities no unsound mind ....)

    I have tried to talk to "Her" (it "Her" no more "mum"), but all discussion is closed (definitely) and would be useless. "She" is the most suborn person in the world, and trying reason with her is, well, useless.
    I have then decided to drop it and consider "her" as a perfect stranger. I just allow (tolerate) that she stays by me for a while until she leaves. ...Then, if he wants to come back once (which I strongly doubt) I will just say that it is not possible.

    My father and "She" are leaving today to hike for 10 days. We barely said goodbye each another. We had nothing to say. Usually we hug and kiss (when we get up in the morning or got to bed at night or when she leaves for a few days) but not this time, it was icy silence !

    Last night she started to talk to me while I was watching TV...but I immediately felt that it was just two-faced...just to say something and fill in was completely lame and uninteresting...I did not pay any attention as she does with me when I try to talk to "her".
    Didn't last long as my sisters started calling to tell her to have a good time hiking.....
    In the meantime I tried to concentrate on my film.

    The more time passes the more I am indifferent. "She" is just a sort of roommate.
    Even with my roommate, atmosphere was much better !!! Silly no ? !!

    While waiting for the lift when leaving for the office I just turned my back (thing I never do) father was watching me leaving....I just said: "We have nothing to say each another"...not even a bye...what for? (I am maybe harsh on him...but he never talks to me and barely answers whan I ask him things, I have to repeat myself 3/4 time before having a sort of a grunt I do not even understand..."She" is very rude with him ...always insulting him for whatever)

    Shit !

    I do not even know what to do with myself: recover or just .... ?

    Recover to be able to tell "her" for once to "fuck off!!!"

  2. Do you sometimes have breakfast for diner? And what do you have in this case?
    Sometimes I do not want to have a classic diner (prot/veggies/starch...) but just quark, muesli, fruits...
    Is it possible, I must I do to have something filling and nourishing?

    Seems that you do not eat a lot of starch such as rice, pasta or other why ???? I have always though that it was very very important to have some at each meal !

  3. I know right! You can start anytime, not just Monday, New Years or beginning of the month. In fact I think it's better to start now rather than later (when it's possible of course) instead of putting it off.
    I take tons of pictures but I don't have a blog. But I like documenting my life too because in a few years I will most likely not remember everything I did, felt and experienced. So I take lots of pictures, sometimes videos and write in a journal. When I don't have my journal with me and really need to write something down I write from my phone. Also, ok this may sound crazy, but I save receipts. And some little things like my old iPod and stuff like that. My mom hates it but I do it anyway ;)
    Good luck at the CF clinic! I know you don't like going to doctors, and that's completely understandable. But the funny thing is I actually like going to the doctors. I know, it's weird, that's just me, ahaha! :)
    Can you come over and make me breakfast? Like forever maybe? Hahaha! :)