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Saturday, September 27, 2014

What would you tell a younger you, if (s)he thought like you do now?

^^^Look at these and remind yourself of this every time a negative thought pops into your head.

Every time you are about to purge, everytime  you are about to skip a meal, everytime you force yourself to workout, everytime you keep pushing yourself even though you dont want to.... think, Is this how i would treat my own child? Treat the younger version of me? Treat my friend? Is this how i am going to treat myself?

WHY are you doing this to yourself? Would you stand infront of your friend, your child, the younger version of you and throw insults at them. Tell them they are fat, they are useless. They need to skip meals, they need to purge, they need to lose weight.......
   Would you`?

So why do it to yourself?

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  1. i have never self-harmed or anything like that izzy, but i really seem to struggle with, i suppose, self-loathing. i harbour for myself a sort of deep self-hatred and i guess this is why i never thought twice about doing all the wrong things i used to do when i had my ED...and even now when i suppose i am sort of half-recovered...the main fact of motivation i have is that i am doing this for my loved ones because they care for me and i know that seeing me at a healthy weight would make them very happy.
    I know it is important that we learn to respect and love the way we are. I beleive my sense of selfworth has improved slightly since my ED . i sometimes look in the mirror and smile and think that my face looks fuller and rosy cheeked and almost pretty. i make yummy meals for our family meals and eat them very contently - I sometimes even feel happy enough to think, "you did a good job of that, emily!" but still... i find in some other areas i still experience an unhealthy degree of selfloathing. I hate my belly which seems to me to be sticking out, so out of proportion with my skinny limbs. i often think that my body shape is distorted, ugly and odd. and sometimes if i do feel very down i think, for fleeting instants, thoughts like "i wonder if i just was gone forever, dead...would people care? would anyone notice?"
    i know you self-harmed izzy so perhaps you felt similar feelings to me too. can you give me any advice on learning to accept myself as you did, and to help my get rid of these negative, self-critical thoughts? thanks so much. <3