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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Water intake

Izzy, is that tea on the side of you coffee? How much liquid do you drink per day? And how much do you think is needed? Everyone says sg different sometimes I don't know whether 1,5 l is enough or I should drink 3 litres?! 
Do you drink the amount that's on the picture at one sitting? And just one more question? It is said that it's not advised to drink during eating what's more, within a certain time interval before and after eating as well. Does this theory concern water as well? How much time should I wait after eating? Do you follow such 'rules' or...? Sorry if it's a lame question I just thought you might wright a few lines about this.

With water intake i would say c.a 2l a day is the recommended amount. Many people dont reach that water amount at all, and only drink like 2 or 3 glasses a day. This amazes me because i am basically known as the girl with a water bottle in her hand :) haha. I am always really thirsty.... for many different reasons. But one is that i sweat alot, and because i have CF i sweat extra salt so i need to replace that salt with salty food making me even more thirsty. But also i guess ive just gotten used to drinking alot of water... i cant even give a rough estimation of how much water i drink... but just taking my medicines in the morning requires to full glasses (c.a 600ml) water, and then the same amount when i take my medicines in the evening. In school i always have a  bottle with me so drink about 1,5-2l just in school (over the 6-9 hours im there.) and then with meals i drink water before and during & also tea and coffee. So yes... it all adds up, and yes... i need to pee pretty much all the time ;)
  And yes, i am aware that you can drink too much water (i.e drown yourself from the inside out), but that is only the case if you dont eat enough salt and you drink like 5l of water at once without going to the bathroom in the next while... so i am not worried about drinking too much water. I eat enough food and nutrients and get enough salt to balance it all out :)

The rule about drinking before and after meals... in recovery and when you need to eat lots its advised to not do that because then you fill your stomach with water and fluids, and not food. However if you are drinking like juice or milk with meals then that will just help you :)

I personally think that drinking enough water is very important for everyone. It helps your skin, your cells, your digestion etc
  So drinking water throughout the day is good. Though many find that they drink too much tea or coffee to replace food which isnt a good idea. You STILL need to eat.
  If you struggle with binge eating disorder, then drinking tea or water during and after meals can help you feel a full feeling and even be a distraction method for not binging. But if you are struggling with restrictive eating, then that of course doesnt affect or apply to you!!

And to answer your question, no i dont follow any of those rules. I drink when im thirsty.. whether its water, coffee or tea. And yes i drink alot of fluids but i also eat alot, so its not a compensation thing :)

I think its good for everyone to aim to drink about 1,5-2,5l water per day just for the health benefits :) But of course if you are in recovery and struggling to drink water because you feel so full then things like salad and cucumber, tea etc are foods that contain water and add up to your H2O intake :)


  1. When I was younger I didn't drink enough water as I preferred milk at that time. But they didn't have milk everywhere so I was definitely dehydrated most of the time. And also when I began restricting I was extra dehydrated because of hardly any food in addition to little amount of water (2-3 small glasses a day)
    Now I am more aware of my fluid needs and drink a lot more water, though that leaves me peeing all day long, ahaha! A little frustrating, but oh well!
    I wanted to ask you a related question, I hope it is not triggering. I'm sorry if it is, so don't read this if you think you can't take it please!! Some of my friends and instructors have told me that drinking water immediately after exercising is a bad idea because then all the calories you have burned come back. So it's like you haven't burned any. I know this may sound very stupid, but it's always bothered me and now I only drink water 30-40 min after exercise and never hydrate while working out. Is all of this true?

    1. Whoever told you that.... well I would like to know their credentials ;) I HIGHLY doubt that us true. If you burn calories through exercise the only way you get them back is by eating.... its like the whole 'if you drink cold water before a meal you burn more calories' and i really don't think that's true. Drink water after your workout it's extra important after sweating. Don't listen to all those silly myths out there. There is so much that isn't true. But also... don't see working out as just burning calories... who cares abut that!!

    2. Thank you!! Getting some reassurance from a person I trust is really helpful ;) next time I workout I WILL take a water bottle with me and try my best to drink water no matter whats going on in my head.
      Yeah, there are a lot of myths out there, thats for sure! I think this was a problem for me also because it was my dance teacher who told me this and I looked up to her. A lot of people telling me this and they really crammed it into my brain. So don't believe everything you hear/see!
      Thank you soo much!! :)

    3. That is such bogus. Whoever told you this has some serious research to do :P

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