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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Update of the day

Where do i even begin with my day? It feels like this morning was a lifetime ago... Not 12 hours ago.

Its rained. Rained. Rained all day, but actually it hasnt been so bad. Ive had a good humor all day, and when it came to working out not even the rain could stop my good mood. So much energy and i wished i had more time... but at the moment my time for everything is very limited. I miss having the days when i could spend as long as i wanted at the gym.. .even if it was just spending 30 minutes after my workout sitting in the changing room, or spending 40 minutes stretching and practising headstands.... or just not having to watch the clock when i workout. But now everything is timed and limited. Only a certain amount of time available for working out, and thats how it is for now... school and my school work is my priority, working out comes second. So i just fit that in when i can!

Otherwise... there was a bombthreat and 2 banks robbed close to my school....  a wave of anxiety and unsettledness spread in the school, though i had my thoughts else where... on the homework i had to do and the assignments i had to start, and not to mention my test in only a few hours. Hhaha... more important things to worry about than a bombthreat ;)

    Once my school day was done i then had to have my science test... a total of 90 minutes i sat there and worked my way through the test. And what can i say... there is always one question which you just have no idea about and hope for the best. Though i am not happy with my performance at all... Not a good feeling in my stomach.
   On my way home i had to stop in the shop to get the basics such as yoghurt and milk and it had gone quite a few hours since i had last eaten (This was due to having an early lunch and then no break inbetween to eat... and hadnt brought anything with me.... Yes i know.. i need to get better at food planning :( :( I feel like such an awful role model. But 6/7 days i always bring bars/fruit/nuts with me to school :))
   I wanted something quick and easy to eat and also... a treat. Thats my low blood sugar talking :) So i bought myself some snacks as a pick me up! And it worked well :)

I wasnt home until 5pm, which i guess isnt that late considering last year i used to come home at 6 ot 7pm... but these long days are definitely getting the better of me.
But the positive is that tomorrow its Friday (have an english exam last thing -_-), but after that,.... its the weekend.
And im hoping to do Aeroboxing... i really want to. Also to sleep and to get busy on my school work and essays...
And LOTS AND LOTS of lying in bed. Infact... on Sunday, i just dont want to move at all :) hahaha

I hope you all have a lovely evening!


  1. That's too bad you cant do the things you love as much as you want :( I on the other hand have a lot of time but since I don't drive Im very dependent on people who do (you cant get anywhere from here if you don't have a car, makes me want to move back to the big city sometimes;)) So I cant plan my own day I have to consider others peoples plans because they take me to places I need to go. This means having limited time to workout too which is a little upsetting and frustrating. But its just to look on the bright side :) Im going to be living on my own and making my own decisions soon enough. I cant wait to be more independent.
    Its always a little scary when something as threatening as that happens. But its good it didn't affect you too much. I remember once my sister and I went to the shop late at night. We didn't think much of it as there were both of us even though it was dark. But when we got to our building the lady who sits and watches everyone on the first floor (don't remember the word) told us that just a few minutes ago a girl was robbed right next to our house. Someone just ripped her purse out of her hands. So that was a bit of a shock though not so unusual for a big city I guess though we lived in a good neighborhood.
    I cant get over how adorable Daisy is! Maybe part of the reason is because I miss my own dog so much ;) Luckily I will see her in about month :)

  2. I love YoYo bears and Raw Bites :) I just wish I could buy Raw Bites where I live!