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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Tiredness and lack of energy

Sorry for the awful blogging today however i have the worst headache at the moment & super full from my after school snack. Im like a dog... can eat loads, and then when ive finished eating its like then i realised how full i am!! ^_^
   For some reason today i felt super tired (though ive slept enough hours) and also hungry!!!! I ate a huge lunch, double portions and all ;) Yet it didnt seem to give me any energy and my last 2 lessons i was just trying to stay awake.
   I had plans to meet my aunt and start planning for our trip to the U.S.A, however i felt too tired and i just wanted to go home and eat so i cancelled and instead i think we will meet during the weekend!

When i came home i made a HUGE snack which you can see below.... my egg cake with nuts, quark and milk, 1/2 mango and a nectarine. Some chocolate, coffee and an Aloe Vera drink ;) Too full afterwards, hahah!'

I also got the news that we have said yes to the other apartment! And this is good news!! Of course i LOVE where we live now and preferably wouldnt want to move. But the fact is, we do need to move. We needed somewhere bigger as where we live now is too small for the 4 of us, granted my sister and I are both planning on moving out within a year or 2... but with the Swedish housing system it can take months to years to find somewhere to live.
  We wont be moving until December, so 3 months left, but thats ok. I really liked the apartment we looked at, so i think it will be good :) Nice with a new change!!!


  1. How about a room/apartment tour :)

    1. Do you mean in my room now, or in the apartment we will move to? :)
      I might do, not sure... but i just dont want to give away where i live online ;)

    2. You know on YT when they move they finally show a room or apartment tour as they wont be in that surroundings anymore. I didn't meant for you to show where you live, that's personal and should stay that way, what I meant was maybe before you move out kind of a room tour because you wont live there anymore and we got used to it already :)

      But anything that is too personal should stay that way, it was just a suggestion :)

  2. I have a question: do you find yourself less able to stand hunger after your ED (even you've fully recovered)? I don't know if ED has this long-term damaging effect, although I'm not fully recovered yet, I find myself unable to stand hunger and am constantly afraid of getting hungry. I vaguely remember before my ED I wasn't this weak at enduring hunger (e.g. getting hungry in lessons -> could wait until lunch break; if this happened now, I would not be able to concentrate at all). I don't know if there is any scientific study about this 'fear of hunger' thing, but I am wondering whether ED has affected your ability to stand hunger or not.
    Thanks in advance Izzy!
    J :)

  3. The same thing happens to me... :(

  4. Do you plan on living with your parents while studying? Where do you plan to study?:)

    1. Depends whether i can find an apartment somewhere and whether i can pay for it or not :) The plan is to move out as soon as i can :)
      Not sure where.... Really need to start thinking about that!