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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Time for myself & my dinner

Hello :)

To all of you who commented on my positivity post, you are all wonderful and i loved reading all the positive things you had to say!! Put a huge smile on my face and filled me with positivity as well ;) Doesnt it feel good to say good things about yourself? To think positive and spread positivity :)

Today has actaully been a wonderful day!
   I had my first 2 lessons and  then headed to the gym where i had lots of energy and had a great cardio session!!! If i ever do 'long' cardio at the gym i.e more than 15 minutes then i do intervals and dont do more than 20 minutes on one machine... i keep changing it up which makes the time pass so quickly!  And i felt amazing afterwards!! So many happy feelings and thoughts :)

I then ate lunch followed by next lesson. And then my school day was over, but i stayed at school and spent 2 more hours there, sitting in the library and also discussing with friends about an upcoming assignment. At the moment i have lots of assignments all due week 43/44 when i get my break so i know its going to be stressful up until then!
But i knew that once i came home i could atleast just let go of school work and all of that for today!!

^¨Yes, that is last week in my calender ;) But the to do list is for this weekend.

When i came home i ate a big snack and then time just seemed to pass me by.... its gone so quickly today its crazy.

I was home alone and had no school work to do so i decided to cook a proper dinner. Not just eat left overs or heat some quorn fillet or something. And i think i made one of the most delicious meals ive eaten in a long time!!

A salmon and cottage cheese pie & roasted carrots. So delicious i just want to eat it all! Infact the plate with my serving is just 1 serving, i had 2 :):)
  The bad thing is that once my mum and sister come home they are going to eat the rest.... hahah, this meal i dont want to share it was so delicious :) But i mean, sharing is caring and i know they will love it just as me!!

Now im going to just enjoy the rest of my relaxing evening :)


  1. Oh wow! It must feel great that you have a full day off (so do I, ahaha!;)) I like those pictures of your calendar and how you use colored pens. It's always more fun :) mmm, that dinner sounds delicious! :)

    1. I always need coloured pens to do my studying :) I have visual memory so it helps alot :)
      And my dinner was super delwicious :)

  2. Replies
    1. Älskar det... typ Herbamare på allt ;) ;)

  3. RECIPE PLEASE!!! :)

    1. There was no recipe... sorry :( I just throw everything into bowls, mix and hope for the best. And it turned outg ood today :)

  4. Gosh that's a big knife for poor little carrots, what did they ever do to you ? ;) just a question, I'm trying to cook more for myself but really struggle with portions. I read the post you already wrote about it, but what about for this meal for example, how do you know how much of x to use etc if you don't use recipes ? I try not to pay too much attention at sizes etc but for cooking you need to have an estimate right ? Enjoy your day off :)

    1. Hahahah XD
      Hmm, im not the best with portion sizes as i can eat so much and jsut dont care about portion sizes! I eat until im full... whether im eating salad or a pie. I dont count calories so i dont see the point in portion sizes... but this is just my personal opinion and for some i guess they do neeed to think portion sizes.
      Its hard to say what one portion of this pie would be ... but i mean what it looks like in the picture i.e one square might be 1 portion.. and i ate 2 of them ;)
      But it also depends how hungry you are aswell!

  5. how did you make it? What's the base made from? Is it just cottage cheese and salmon in the middle? :)

    1. The base is whole grain flour, oat flour, quark, eggs, milk. & the base is eggs & milk & egg whites. And then i added salmon, some tuna and on top cottage cheese :)
      But i just mix things together, create my own type of thing!