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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

This blog is for everyone

Something which i am very aware of is the way i write my advice posts. I know they can often come off aimed at a certain group... mostly those who have restrictive eating disorders and often girls. But the fact is... there are more eating disorders than just anorexia. And females aren't the only ones who suffer from eating disorders. I know i also have male readers and male sufferers. And i really wish i could help more, i mean in the base... the eating disorder is the same - that is to say. Anorexia is the same, the same symptoms, way of thinking in both males and females. Just like bulimia or binge eating would be the same for males and females. So the advice can hopefully be appreciated from both sides.

I give advice and tips from my own experience, because well... i cant really give advice about something I've never experienced. I have experienced binge eating, for a few months. Though it was never something that lasted several years as i know it has and can be for some of the bulimia or binge eating sufferers who read my blog. And i wish i could help you more with these problems... i have purged for several years when i was sick, so i can give advice about that as well.
Something which i know can seem annoying or even strange for some is the way i look. Sounds strange, i know. But i am aware of the fact that i am lean and look a certain way... i guess you could say i fit into the fitness trend body type which is now going around. Also, you may at first just look at my body and think... Ohh, she's not healthy at all. Just look at her, she's still too skinny. Trust me, i get those comments often on here. But it's not my body shape you should be looking at, but my words.
  Yes i am lean and i know that. That is due to 1) Genes and DNA, 2) i have cystic fibrosis and 3)i love exercise which in turn has shaped my body.
 But do remember that i am a healthy weight and have even gained weight from my goal weight, something which i never thought i would ever do. As i thought that weighing 55kg (not my goal weight) would be the highest weight i would ever weigh. NOTE, i now weigh something like 63-65kg (For those of you who are triggered by numbers, this is to calm you down.... not trigger you. But to know that a number to me means nothing... i can post it online for thousands to see, but that number doesn't make me fat, neither does it make me skinny. Its just my mass to the ground.)

I promote loving your body at all shapes and sizes. I know that for some of my readers, they have been overweight before they developed their eating disorder. And have an extreme fear of becoming over weight again.... something which, i guess i can't put myself into. But know that after an eating disorder you should be a healthy weight, not over weight. But healthy.. and yes, that includes having fat on your body.
People can have eating disorders at all weights and sizes, i know this... so even if sometimes my posts may seem biased, only aimed at those who are underweight. Talking about how to gain weight, when in fact, not everyone with an eating disorder needs that. It's just that i don't want to trigger anyone who is trying to gain weight with talking about a healthy diet, or how to lose a few kilo which you might need if say you are over weight. That is something i avoid talking about on my blog. But the most important - no matter what your size or eating disorder is to get a healthy meal plan. To balance your diet, to fix your eating habits. That is the most important... whether you need to gain weight or lose weight, that's individual.

I want my blog to open for everyone who is suffering, whether it is with EDNOS, BED, bulimia, anorexia, orthorexia etc
   And please just let me know if there are certain things you want me to write about... or even if there are any thing you think i could do to improve my blog. I accept all constructive criticism. All to help YOU GUYS/GIRLS, my readers!!


  1. I think you are an inspiration for recovery. I am under no illusion that I will look like you once I am recovered but what I would love is to have your positivity and attitude to life beyond anorexia.

    Any advice you can offer is always amazing.

  2. Brilliant article! You are very mature for your age, don't get me wrong, you are wise! Not many people your age think like you!

    I would love to read more about how NOT to care about your weight. I loved the phrase with "weight is just numbers, my mass to the ground.."

    How you learned not to care?

    Please also tell me where you posted about your workout... you certainly posted something, wher it is?

    Thank you so much, I hope you will answer,

    Irina :)

    P.S: can I wrote you an e-mail again? I hope I am not to pushy....

  3. I thought this could maybe be a topic suggestion if you're up for it. How to stay motivated. I don't just mean with recovery from an ED, although that is really important too, but more on how to stay motivated in life when we face struggles or things just seem tough and it's hard to keep a positive attitude. I know personally many times I just want to throw in the towel and just be negative or when I have certain challenges and projects I have to complete I tend to give up halfway. I think you'd be a great person to learn from on how to persevere and how you stay motivated.

  4. Hi I'm currently trying to recover. My bmi is now 15 (up from 14) the thing is I feel HUGE. I don't think I can carry on, please could you write about how to continue when you feel so big right at the start of recovery??


  5. I am interested in weight lifting, after recovery.
    How did you start? And what do you workout at different times so nothing is overworked?

    You blog is a true inspiration, and you posts about school are helping me along, as with your posts on eating disorders.