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Monday, September 22, 2014

The good things about autumn/winter

My previous post, stating that it was soon winter and the coldness and darkness was creeping in sparked some of those 'oh-my-gosh, i-hate-winter' dread in some. So i decided instead, for both my sake and yours to state some of the positives about autumn and winter.
  I am a summer girl, i love everything about the bright days from early to late. I love going walking in shorts and a top, i love the warmth and just lying outside tanning or running in the sun. And winter is the complete opposite of those things, however that doesn't mean that winter doesn't have its charm either. Because it does.. all the seasons have good and bad things, some seasons have more of the bad stuff (in my eyes) and other seasons have more of the good stuff (in my eyes). Then there are some people who dont agree with me at all and hate everything about summer, but love winter!

(List is just in a random order!)

Cozy days/afternoons/nights inside (preferably in bed or on the sofa with a blanket and cup of tea)
Movie marathons
Walks in the forest with the yellowing and browning of leaves
Hot chocolate with marshmallows and cheese sandwiches
Ice skating/Skiing
Snowball fights
Warm winter clothes
Warm winter boots
Warm socks and jumpers
Pumpkin and cinnamon
Freshly baked buns 
Saffron (commonly used during Christmas time here in Sweden)
Family time
Lots and lots of tea

And not to forget my birthday as well :) Thats one of the positve things about winter for me anyway... not sure how i will feel in 10 years time though :)

Please share YOUR positives about winter and autumn, to get us all feeling a little more excited about the change in seasons :)
   Some countries i guess the changing in seasons isnt as drastic, it gets cold but not that much colder etc but here are some things why you can love winter/autumn :)


  1. I just LOVE winter !!!
    When summer arrives the only think I look forwards to is WINTER !!!

    Hot tea and apple pie after a long walk
    To be wrapped in a soft blanket with a book
    fog from the breath
    skarves, gloves, thick socks, big comfortable shoes, hot duvet, the winter smell and spices.....

    It is to comforting !!!! Looking at the snowflakes falling at dusk or daws, candle lights....

    1. Haha, now you even made Me long a little for chrustmas/snowy days :) :)

  2. I love winter too. Blankets, cups of tea, hot water bottles, Xmas, my birthday, stews and soups and casseroles!

  3. New Years!
    My birthday. It's right in the beginning of January (not 1but close, ahaha!) so on one hand I love having my bday in winter on the other everyone is a bit tired of all tge holidays. But it doesn't ever affect my bday so I most be worrying about nothing.
    Cuddling with my doggie. Not that I don't do it all year round. It's just in winter it's extra special because she is so warm. It's like having a hot water bottle she's so warm!
    Hot chocolate with marshmallows and tea
    Sweaters, boots, socks, mittens, scarfs
    Snowflakes and snow
    Building a snowman
    Going down a hill in the winter
    Jumping in puddles
    Thanksgiving (though that's not for everyone)
    Everything that comes with the holiday season:presents, candy canes, Christmas tree, giving presents, the holiday spirit and so much more!
    Jumping in piles of leaves!
    You can get some great pictures around those colorful leaves
    I love fall and winter. They are my favorite seasons!! Summer I like but not as much. I prefer colder weather:) but like you said it's different for everyone :)