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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The freedom of running

Just come home from the trail park we were at and finished my second lunch. (We got sandwiches there, though not my favourite filling so i ate half of it anyway.)
  I'm now about to begin with my school work for the day, but thought i would write a little post about how it went today :)

I was super nervous at first, standing there at the front.... but my worries were soon forgotten. As soon as the sound of the horn went off and everyone began running i just saw how loads of people ran before me.... though that didn't make me dishearted as that is how it has been every year. Many people give 150% the first 500m and after that slow down, where as i pace myself and able to keep a good pace all way, and speed up towards the end.
  The sun was shining and i felt myself boiling up from the inside out, and my lungs were not co operating at all. I just couldn't breathe deep enough so my pace had to slow down as my legs weren't getting the oxygen and blood they needed to push faster.
   The 5km really didn' seem that long, it felt like it had only gone 10 minutes by the time i saw the finish line... though there did come a point when i felt i couldn't breathe at all and i just wanted to take myself through the race. Not care about time or place or anything, just actually pass the finish line.
   No idea about my time, but i think it was somewhere from 20-23 minutes... and i also came 3rd girl! Not sure if i was top ten or not, though i think i was!! :)
 I wanted to be first girl (hahaha!) though im happy with 3rd girl, i did my best. And the first girl was super fast and she deserved to come first :)
   In the end, it's not about who wins or loses, but actually finishing the race with a smile on your face... (And with heavy panting and sweat rolling down your face ;);))

Now im going to use the rest of the day to be effective and get some research done :) And later i have a few things to get done... see if i actually manage that or if my legs protest and i stay in bed all day, hahah!

^^Daisy was completly exhausted afterwards :) hahah such a cutie :)


  1. What does 30 points for your house mean? is it like in harry potter where they get points for their house? :) I'm glad you had a nice day, and daisy looks so cute, love the last photos of her!! :)

    1. Yeah we have different houses in our school, like in Harry Potter :) And these events, like cross country, singing competition, dance competition etc are between the houses :) My house won!! (And im glad i contributed with the 30 extra points... only the top 30 people get extra points for the house!)

  2. i just want to say that i think you should call your morning "walk" a morning run, bc it takes you around 7-8km/h and this is more likely to be a slow run than a power WALK.

    1. what? How do you know my speed or time? Yes i walk very fast, naturally... trust me, the way i powerwalk is pretty much the way i walk in the streets anyway, haha!
      And anyway, how do you know how fast i walked today or how far? And everyone is different... some peoples running speed is 8km/hr where as that might be someone elses powerwalk speed? I have long legs, remember that.

    2. You wrote that it takes you 40 minutes for 5km. So it`s just maths ;-)

    3. Roughly 40-45 minutes... but like i said, i have long legs and for me thats a powerwalk... its not a stroll. When i powerwalk i use power... but i do of course have times when i just stroll, walk alot slower such as on my restdays when i need to take Daisy for short walks ;)

  3. Great job Izzy!! :) aww Daisy looks so cute in those pictures! It makes me miss my dog back home.
    Referring to your previous post, smileys and 'haha's really make your blog the way it is-awesome! When I write from my phone I use both. It just sounds a little off when I try not to use them. Also, before I would use half a smiley ) but since I started reading your blog I've been using full smiley :) And now I don't like using half smiley at all. It's ok when someone else does. Besides, the full smile is like a real, genuine smile :) but of corse it's perfectly ok to use half smiley )
    The grammatical mistakes don't bother me too much, but trying to make fewer spelling mistakes, I think, will really improve your blog! :)

    1. Thank you :)
      I've never heard of a half smiley before? Isn't it just a bracket? haha
      And yes, i will definitely try make less spelling mistakes. Though when i write posts quickly i can't promise anything :) But i've gotten a spell checker now which might help :) We'll see!

    2. Sorry for confusing you. By half smiley face I meant this ')' just didn't know how else to call it. :)

  4. Well doneon the race izzy! You did really well and sounds like you had a great time well maybe not so much during but after the race :) looked like daisy loved it too!!