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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking a break for the weekend

Once again Friday evening has rolled around and i am super glad that it is the weekend!!! 2 whole days away from school. Much needed at this point.... Though i can say, it feels good to have 2 tests finished and now crossed off my list :) Now its just a few big assignments to keep working on. And then of course the daily homework which we're always given...

After school my mum asked if we could go out to a cafe or something.. she said she wanted to spend time with me as she barely sees me anymore. She works evenings and i come home so late so ive hardly seen her this week at all as i leave so early. It was just this morning which i really saw her, and it was then she suggested we go out to a cafe. Though at first i thought i would be too tired and have too much work to do. But i decided before my test that actually... it would be nice to just go to a cafe and sit and talk for a while.
  So she picked me up and we drove to this really cute, eco cafe. I wasnt craving anything sweet so instead i went for something more dinner like... it was c.a 5pm, so i decided to go for a sort of light dinner and later i will eat lots of breakfast type food for a snack.

  I choose a cauliflower, pinenut, chickpea, chickean, goatscheese salad and it had an olive oil dressing ontop! And it was super delicious, it was perfectly made. & i ate plenty of the bread available... One thing which i love is freshly baked bread. Whenever we go to cafes or buffets, i always eat lots of it!!
  My mum and i sat there for a while making small talk.... haha, not much more to say about that :) Mother-daughter time! Though it does feel like we are very distanced at the moment. She doesnt really know whats going on in my life and i dont really know whats going on in her life... :(

This evening and this weekend i have decided to sort of shut off internet for a while... of course i will still update, but im thinking with my email and that... i am not going to be as available on that as i feel i just need to mentally de stress. I want to work on my school work and not worry about having to answer emails. And not worry about have to update my blog..... so whether i decide to update once or 6 times per day, im not sure.... but i feel better mentioning it here :) Just so you all know and dont send/ask me anything super important!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Have a great weekend Izzy! Your dinner looked really good :)
    I think social media and internet break sounds like a good decision! Enjoy the calmness ;)


  2. Mmmm, freshly baked bread. I love it! And that salad sounds super yummy :) hope you did well on your test!