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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Take care of your body, its the only one you have.

Taking care of your body, listening to your body is something not everyone is good at. In fact it takes alot of practise to be able to do, to be able to understand your body. But it is an investment in your future. Because in the end, ignoring your bodies signals. Ignoring what your body tells you won't lead to anything good. You have to learn that when your body is tired, then you need to rest... whether that's a day or two or even a week or two. When you have extra energy, then actually getting up and randomly going for a walk might be exactly what your body needs.
  Eating food when you are hungry, some days more, some days less. Learning to destress and calm down, not overwhelm your system with stress.

When i was sick listening to my body was something i completely ignored. Especially when it came to exercise. From dawn to dusk i would be active, scared to sit down. Scared to rest. My exercise became a compulsion, something which involved anxiety and compensation. I never thought i would ever love exercise again, or i always loved it deep down. But i had formed a bad relationship with it, and i thought that i wouldn't ever do exercise because i loved it. But infact that is exactly what i do now. No compensation, no guilt or anxiety involved.
   That however isn't what I'm planning to write about in this post... but about the consequences of not listening to my body.

All the quotes that say things like, Go hard or go Home/ Until you faint, puke or die, keep going./ Your body isnt giving up, your mind is/ Don't stop. Push harder. Keep going.
  I HATE those quotes because i took them very seriously, infact... i just kept pushing myself. Past my limits and there were times i fainted from exhaustion. Collapsing due to no energy. And lets not forget the actual, long lasting injuries which i now have.

Knee, hip and lower back pain. All from my years or sickness. Not all of the pain was caused by my over exercising... i have arches in my feet and when i wear converse that leads to knee pain. But also i used to run in the wrong shoes when i was sick, infact i would put on any shoes and just go out and run which has lead to bad knees. I also have a genetic hip problem (My mum and sister also have it) which can at times lead to such pain in my lower back that i cant sit,stand or lie down without wanting to cry. And my lower back pain comes from my knee pain and also from the bad posture i had all those years. The pain can at times stop me from doing things which i want to... i cant always wrong because of the pain. And at times i cant even sit properly. 
   Of course it's not all my fault, but i know that these problems wouldn't be affecting me if i hadn't pushed myself so damn hard all those years. If i had just rested... if i had listened to my body. Not pushed past the pain.

Recently i also read a story of a girl who for so long had not listened to her body, had pushed past the pain and kept exercising and now has nerve damage in her back and wont be able to exercise for several months. An absaloute disaster to her.. but has also made her realise that what she was doing was wrong. She was ignoring her bodies signals... pushing too hard. And now its showing her the consequences.

Its not uncommon for people who over exercise to end up with long term injuries... which can absaloutly ruin someones life. Especially if exercise is something they love. But sometimes it takes an injury to make them realise just how bad their problem is. That they arent listening to their body... that suddenly they are forced to rest. This long period of rest.... while instead, they could just have listened to their body. Treated it right from the beginning and avoided the injury.

Should it really go so far that you end up with serious injuries or serious consequences before you begin to change your ways or realise what you are doing is wrong?

Take care of your body. Hating your body or ignoring your bodies signals wont ever lead to anything good. It wont lead to happiness, it will just lead to guilt and anxiety and even more hate. 
  Dont ruin your body, injure your body. Instead, take control over your mind. Dont let another voice in your head control you.

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