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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Studying or just pretending to

Sunday, the day of rest.
   That is exactly what my day is today!! Woke up with soooo much training pain in my back and arms... its hard to even bring a glass of water to lips or to stretch to reach for something in a cupboard... not to mention having to put on clothes!
   So today i had planned to spend inside, doing lots of research for my project. Though if im honest... i have no idea where my project is going.... im doing about the mental and physical health benefits of Yoga. How doing yoga can have a positive benefit with studying and performance in school.
   I still feel a little lost with my project, like im just swimming in circles. :(

After a late lunch and having spent a few hours infront of my computer... though getting very little done. I decided to stretch my legs and walk to the shop....For chocolate ^_ ^ 
And as always, i seem to come home with more than i had planned!! But at least the chocolate and snacks will last a while!! When i saw the new almond flavour i new i had to try, and that creamy biscuit is my absaloute favourite... A must, whenever im craving chocolate :)

Remember, when i post these types of pictues, im not saying i eat it all... its just that it looks better when i put everything in one picture :) As well, because i dont know how much of everything i will eat :) I do also share with my family ;)

I love how im eating chocolate, drinking an energy drink etc while researching and writing about yoga ;) Feels like a good combination? :)

I'm now taking a break from my 'not-going-so-well-need-to-study-for-my-test' studying and going to watch some series :)

How are you going to spend your Sunday :)


  1. Wow! That's so interesting! I wish my school would assign projects like that, though to you it's probably not so fun as you're maybe tired of it? Idk. Try maybe planning out your project, breaking it into steps. See what you want to talk about and then connect those parts. Maybe it will work?
    Today my day didn't start so well. We were sleeping over at our family members house and our car got towed :( It's going to cost a lot to get it out. And what's also frustrating is there's no sign that you can't park there and other cars park there too. And there's no other place to park too! At least it's not stollen. That would have been worse. But I'm not going to let it get to me. We'll get our car back and I will stay positive even if it's a little hard to do. What's the point of being negative and making it even worse? Otherwise today we're driving back home, maybe go to the gym. I want to do my arms. And then make dinner for everyone and watch some series/movie with my dad and sister and the cat.
    Mmmmm, chocolate! Oh that soar feeling when even sitting down is a pain. Well it's just to rest for the day. Tomorrow it won't be so bad :)

    1. Olivia, I see you comment on most of Izzy's posts - you seem so adorable ^_^

    2. Awwwwww!! Thats is soo sweet :) this comment brought a huge smile to my face!
      Ahaha, yeah I comment a lot ;) Sometimes it's just so hard to resist!
      Just you saying this makes me think you're a very nice and sweet person ^_^
      You made my day! :)

    3. I love the communication here :) :)
      And sounds like a good day apart from the morning when the car got towed. It's never fun when you get an enxpected bill or something you have to pay for which you hadn't expected. Those car taxing people (hahah, dont know the name of them), they are always really sneaky with where they put their signs just so that they can tow peoples cars or make them pay for not having a ticket. Seems sort of unfair... i mean if there was no visible sign, how could you know :)

      But at least you could hopefilly have a good evening and like you said, atleast the car wasnt stolen! There's always a positve ;)

  2. How big is that second chocolate :)))

    1. 300g or something ;) not really sure..