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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Snack ideas

I got asked if i could write some snacks with a certain calorie content .- so the person who asked these snacks - these are roughly that amount. However, i didn't want to post the calorie count +/- 50 as it might trigger some and for those who want to move away from calorie counting. Though I'm sure you might figure out the amount anyway - though try to avoid doing that for your own sake :)

Banana, an egg & 5 almonds (can make banana and egg pancakes, add some extra egg whites)
3 digestive biscuits
Apple & 2 digestive biscuits
Small yogurt pot ( no diet or low calorie yogurt) and an apple
2 crisp bread with butter (on both) & cheese/ham/jam/cream cheese instead of butter/avocado instead of butter/chicken and cottage cheese etc
1.5-2dl yogurt with 1dl cornflakes/bran flakes/0,5dl muesli
1,5 avocado & an egg
3 eggs 
2 eggs & milk (to make an omelet) & then add things such as cottage cheese/vegetables/chicken/tofu
1 slice of bread & butter & topping & a clementine
1 glass (i.e 3dl) of juice (I.e from a carton, not the mix juice), & 1 digestive biscuit
1 banana and 1 tbs PB (can also make banana ice cream!)
1 protein bar
1 dl yogurt, 1 dl berries, 1 banana & milk (can make a smoothie)
4-6 squares of chocolate (depending on what type)
A cinnamon bun/ice cream/vanilla bun etc etc & coffee or tea WITH milk.

***1 digestive = 2 small biscuits
** 1 fruit = any type of fruit or 2 small clementines ¨

Hopefully this helps and also gives you some inspiration :)


  1. These look really yummy Izzy! I have a question too. I love snacking as I find I can only really eat little and often...but I am afraid to eat big snacks such as the ones above as I think that if I did I would be really full and wouldn't want to eat a proper lunch/dinner.. :/ do you have any advice about this? Thanks Izzy :) x

    1. Ive written a post about hunger and fullness, though that might not be what you are asking. If you want me to write another post about the topic just let me know :)

    2. Thanks so much Izzy, the guide was very helpful :) it is very true to say that I think alot of the time I seem unable to listen to my body...And alot of the time I feel as if I want to eat more, but I think that i feel full and a voice is saying I have had too is just such a fine line i think, between being sensible and not stuffing yourself, and listening to that voice in your head which says you've eaten enough when you haven't! So I really hope the hunger/fullness guide will help me with that.x