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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Smile, just because you can!

Something which many people seem to forget about is to smile.... A constant frown on peoples face, and mine included 95% of the time.
    We are so focused on getting from A to B, or we're tired and stressed, we have things on our mind. We want to be somewhere else, want to do soemthing else... imagining we are somewhere else, anywhere but sitting on the bus or sitting in class or standing in the queue in the store.
I love seeing people smile and i love hearing people laugh. Usually when i hear others laugh, i just laugh as well... its contageous. (Though that made me sound a little weird, like i just burst out into laughter randomly? Granted, i do sometimes. And im known for laughing at the wrong times or at really bad jokes :))
  A smile is your best feature, but its often something many forget about.

Ive read a study that showed that smiling decreased stress.... how believable the study is, i dont know. But i choose to believe it! Even fake smiling can make you feel better :)

All this month i want to smile and/or laugh each day!! Even if its a fake smile, i will try to smile. Not frown as much... though at times it feels like i have a permanent pout/frown? hahaha Thats just my natural facial expression though ;) Bitch alert 101 sort of :)

My friends always make me laugh and smile, so almost everyday in school i have something to smile or laugh about! But somedays you need that extra bit of laughter or smile.

And today im smiling because im listening to good music, feeling extra happy, drinking green tea and im in love with my new shorts :) (I never want to take them off!! I wouldnt call myself materialistic, but well.... workout clothes make me happy! :))

Today i want YOU to smile or laugh about something! And if you want to let me know what it was that made you smile please share! Or even share a funny store or a joke to make others smile :)


  1. Your post made me smile:) And I was at a friend's place and not planning to eat dinner there.. but her mom defroze some greasy pizza and i ate two pieces wihiut any anxiety or guilt.. even though the pizza was really bad:D itmade me so happy haha. Actually only a month ago i came up with all kinds of excuses and got a semi panic attack when i was offered some. Also this time i remembered how u eat pizza too when ur with friends.. as i think about it nothing happens when eating pizza but if i had refused to eat it, the family would have thougt i was weird or impolite.. am i really going to risk that over some pizza??? im slowly starting to learn the social codes again haha

    1. Ups this got really long;) but i cant really tell anyone cuz no one understands my excitement over eating pizza haha

    2. Your comment made me smile :) also Izzy's post (surprise!surprise!) and good music. I know what you mean in the second comment.
      And yes, Ive heard this before and also chose to believe it. I think when you smile (even a fake smile) it send a message to your brain that everything's ok. Sometimes when I'm down or nervous I just smile on purpose :D
      In my family and among close friends I am known for laughing really hard at not so funny things. In just a few seconds it gets so bad I start crying. This happens when I'm stressed usually. Sometimes it's just because I'm crazy and silly ;)
      Btw what do your running shoes look like?
      Smile :)

    3. To the first anon: that is a great job :) Choosing food over your ED is a HUGE step forward, and keep making those great choices :)
      As i've written on my blog before, i don't like pizza. But when it's offered and i'm at friends houses i take a slice or two just to be polite, it's part of being social :) Sometimes it's more strange or even rude when you say no to a food, so it's just to eat it anyway :)

    4. To Olivia, yeah smiling really can make you feel better. A little anyway :)
      They're pink and from Addidas :) If you look at my latest post you will see what they look like... sort of anyway!

  2. Smiled when my dad asked me how I´ve become so strong. We were carrying tree trunks :)

    @startingtofightfitlife (my IG account)

    1. That's always nice to hear when people tell you that you look stronger or even happier and healthier :)

  3. I followed my meal plan and didn't binge! :)

  4. Even though I binged today and did not exercise, I still managed to stay positive :)

    1. That's really good :) Well done and keep staying positive :)

  5. I have a suggestion (not a complain!): perhaps you could try to blog with Microsoft Word before putting the posts on this blog, so that Word could do the grammar/spell checks for the posts. I'm suggesting this because sometimes there are typos (e.g. contageous -> contagious) or just some very minor stuff (e.g. ive -> I've). Of course this does not affect the quality of the posts, just that I thought if you could practise your formal English writing when you blog, it would help with your schoolwork :-)
    But I don't know if this blog would still be so 'Izzy-like' if you corrected all the typos, haha!

    1. Thank you for this tip :) I'm going to try improve my writing and spelling mistakes, as much as i can anyway!