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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Simple but delicious breakfast

Good morning everyone :)

I'm sorry that there was no personal update yesterday. i just didn't have the energy or time or even motivation to sit down and write. In fact all i did when i came home was jump into the shower, put on my pyjamas and then spend the rest of the evening eating and watching Desperate Housewives. A much needed evening for me. I had work to be done, but i felt it could wait... not everythinng has to be done at once. Taking a mental and/or physical break is always good for you :)

Yesterday i learnt that on Friday (i.e tomorrow) i have a day off, a so called study day. And the relief when i found that out.... I am of course just going to study, but the fact that i don't have to get up at 6am and come home at 4 or 5pm, well thats golden :)
  So now its just today and then 3 days off, haaha, the little things really do matter!

Today im planning to sit a little while extra in school once im done to get a few things done and maybe even a running/cardio session as my body is feeling a little stiff and i am pretty sure my breathing would feel a lot better after a run ;) haha (I hope that isnt triggering, but ive been told that you want to hear more about my exercise... and well, doing cardio isnt a bad thing. Its not like once you recover you can never be on a treadmill or cross trainer. And if you know me, then you know its not often i do that... just now and again when i feel the need to do some 'fast' exercise :) And know that you can do cardio without thinking about calories or burning calories ;))

Onto my breakfast? Well, its Thursday, meaning the day before we go food shopping and its just about scraping together some decent meals... so my breakfast consisted of my sweet egg cake, cottage cheese, milk, raspberries, pumpkin seeds and almods. It was sooo delicious, if i had room for more i would have eaten more!!! :)

Sometimes the simple food is the best food :)


  1. Mmmmmm good breakfast! I just tried Marabou chocolate for the first time - mmm it's so good!

    1. Ohhh :) I love Marabou :) Where did you find it... ? In just a normal shop, or? What kind was it (I.e just normal or with things in it?) :)

  2. How do you make the cake?

    1. 1-2 eggs, egg whites, milk.... into the microwave for 6-8 minutes until it become sort of 'firm'. Then i mix in stevia and cinnamon....
      No real recipe as i just sort of created it myself during summer... somedays it turns out good, somedays it doesnt :)
      But im sure if you google there might be a proper recipe`?? haha.

  3. do you have regular cottage cheese and mil or fatfree/fatreduced ?

  4. Question: Does it matter when I eat most of the food? I tend to eat mini meals that i spread over the day but before going to bed usualy eat a very very large snack (some time i wakes me up as i feel so ill and and to throw up) ????