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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sick in bed

Yesterday afternoon i began feeling my throat burn up and my nose was this weird mixture of blocked but at the same time not? When I came home I think I drank 4 cups of tea from 5pm-10pm, lots of milk and honey,  I took loads of pills and herbs to hopefully make me feel better. And I spent the evening in bed. My appetite was completely gone so instead I resorted to chocolate and some cashews (always good to eat when I have no appetite! )
    This morning however I woke up coughing and my throat wasn't feeling much better. So this weekend will just be filled with rest. Lots of lemon water, honey and herbs. Not to mention rest and plenty of nutrient dense food :) I'm just hoping this cold won't drag on too long. Before whenever I caught a cold it would flare up other things and I'd spend 2 weeks on antibiotics. Though I think this cold is just due to stress, change in weather etc and all I need is extra rest and herbs :)

If you have any getting rid of a cold tips just let me know :)


  1. Awww izzy I'm so sorry :( my tummy kinda hurts (its so wierd, you're in another country but some of the posts you make are reflective of what I'm feeling or thinking at the same moment even though we' are time zones apart ) I hope you feel better soon. Take tons of tea and maybe a steam bath.

  2. Drinking tons of water as hot as possible - the warmer, the better as it kills bacteria, makes you sweat and gives a better environment for your immune system to fight
    Ginger infusion with honey, some people even add rhum, it's called a grog - in french at least - it works great for me but it burns :p
    Ricola sugar-free candies, the original ones with herbs, are great against sour throat too
    Doing stuff that really keep you busy so you forget about it
    I wish you a swift recovery ! - C.

    1. Thank you for all the great tips! :)

  3. I think I got a cold recently (or maybe it never really went away). My throat isn't so bad, it's more my nose, so sometimes it's hard to breathe. And breathing just through your mouth is very hard :/ So, I feel ya! ;)
    What you're doing so far is great!
    I like to make ginger tea at home and make it extra strong (lots of ginger and boil it longer). You just cut up some ginger, put it in water and let come to a boil. Usually it takes 15-20 min boiling but it's really what you prefer. After that you add honey and lemon juice.
    Something I've heard is super effective is boiling coke(believe it or not) and cut up ginger (in one pot). I haven't tried it yet. They say it's good when you're just getting a cold or soar throat.
    Relaxing and getting enough vitamins and nutrients is a good idea. Note: eating kiwi and lemons helps me. Lots of vitamin C! :)

    1. Thank you for the tip about the ginger water, i havent tried it yet... but ive eaten plenty of garlic (Bad breath alert!) but it seems to have helped!! The coke thing sounds strange, but maybe its good :)

  4. Warm blackcurrant squash/Ribena helps sore throats! Also warm honey and lemon mixed together. If you get some hot steamy water and put your face over it and breathe in the steam this helps coughs and sore throats! I hope this helps! Tori x

    1. Thank you for the advice. Warm lemon water with honey was really good for my throat.

    2. Good! I'm glad I helped, it's the least I good do because you've helped me so much on my journey of recovery!

  5. Raw garlic is nature's own "antibiotic", though getting 1-3 cloves down is quite disgusting and difficult :D I still recommend you try, in the evening because garlic tends to make your breath smell horrible!

    1. Thank you for this tip, garlic really seemed to help!