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Monday, September 1, 2014

Septermber goals

As its September 1st today  i thought writing some goals today might be appropriate.
  Its this month when it starts getting colder (and its cold already!). School tiredness kicks in (it already has) and assignments and deadlines are being thrown at me. The days will feel longer and the brightness shorter. It can be hard to keep a smile on my face with the weather changing, having to accept that i now have to wait another 10 months until i can wear shorts outside again. I am very weather sensitive so the autumn months are always tough for me.
  So thats why my first (and most important) goal for this month is:

To be/feel happy. To do things which make me happy... Its not that im feeling sad now or anything, but just to really focus on happiness, not let stress affect me so much.
   I want to do fun things all autumn and winter... meet friends as often as i can, go to restaurants/cafes/Buffets. Do other fun activities.

To not stress too much.... take a few moments to just breathe and destress when i feel everything is becoming too much.

Take a mental health day - if needed. This is something im not so good at doing when it comes to the school year.... at times i need a day to just spend at home because either im too stressed and over worked in school or just feel like i have no motivation etc and often i push myself to school anyway, because what can i do about it? School is obligatory. But i need to learn that actually, its ok to take a day off if thats what i need. Im not talking about ditching school, i am definitely not promoting that. However, if you feel that you need a day to just breathe. To relax at home (or in my case, sit and work on all the assignments so that i can feel more relaxed again), and if it helps your mental health then those days are important!

School is priority one. Of course it always is with me, but i mean that blogging and emailing will still be at priority 3 or 4.... and to not feel stressed over that. I can feel alot of pressure to have x amount of posts everyday and to reply to all emails, but from just this past week i know that that wont be possible as often. And i shouldnt feel bad about that.

Prepare meals!!!! When i come home late from school and am tired then its good if i have prepared dinners which i can just heat up. My family all have different schedules so now a days no one will really eat dinner together, so its good to have something prepared so that i dont just eat home made bread for dinner!!!

These are some of the goals i can think of for now, im sure i have more!!! But these are my main ones for this month :)

 Do you have any goals for this month which you want to share? :)


  1. My goals are very similar to yours!! :) especially the first one as i am also very sensitive to weather; my mood can really change based on it!!

  2. Goals:
    Get over my cold :(
    Send some goodies to my friends from my old school
    Find a house/apartment and move in
    Try to stop stressing about everything
    Go to the bookstore
    Take an oil bath. A hardly ever take baths but an oil bath sure will benefit my dry skin
    Do a headstand without a wall
    Get some new sports clothes
    Find my charger or buy a new one
    These are so random, haha! Just some goals I remembered and that I guess are most important to me.
    Yes, taking a mental rest day can really help while in school. I'm the type of person who normally doesn't like skipping school. I feel guilty for staying at home even though I really want to and need a rest from school. It didn't really matter to me as a kid. Well, I probably still worried about school but not as much as now. Luckily my mom knows that I can get really worked up and stressed and keep pushing myself so she would ask me sometimes if I wanted to stay home. I really wanted to say yes but there was always something at school I just couldn't miss. Sometimes I'd give in, other times I would convince my mom I couldn't miss a test or something but 90% of the time she'd make me stay home which I am now grateful for. Sometimes you just need a little push (or maybe not so little ;)) so I do agree. You should take a break from school if if you feel that's what you need. You'll feel better and you'll clear your head afterwards. Now that I think about it this is my goal too! :)