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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Random facts about me Part 2

I would like to become vegetarian but i love salmon, chicken and eggs too much.

I've always loved writing and have written long stories all through my childhood. I would often get up in the middle of the night or stay up late to write on these stories and i once wrote a 100+ A4 page story... but i was never satisifed. I was so critical and didnt like my stories but others told me i was good.

I was very creative when i was younger. As i spent so much time at home sick, i had to create my own stories. My own world... i guess i wanted to get away from my own awful life, so i played with Barbie and Polly all the time. I created my own imaginary worlds and stories. However i never had imaginary friends.
  Now a days i have little to no creativity or imagination :( Ive been through so much and had to grow up so fast.

I was 14 when i did the SATS in Ireland and from my scores i became one of the top 100 students in Ireland and was allowed to go a summer University course. However that was the year that i got admitted to hospital. (Infact i remember the day i went to recieve my award very well... 4 hours of complete anxiety in the car on the way to the University as i was so scared that my mum and dad would make me eat. And then the relief in the way back home - and even pure exhaustion - when i had gotten away with only a black coffee).

When i was younger i had a 2 day period where i wanted to be a fashion designer. So i got a scissors and began cutting some of my clothes to make them 'better'. The next day i went to school and had a guy comment ask me if i had cut my own clothes... it really upset me, so the idea of becoming a fashion designer went away.

The first time i tried on make up my dad told me i looked like a tart. (Sounds mean, but now i laugh about it.... I wish they had taken a photo of how i looked so i could actually see!) Though im sure i looked super silly ;)

My dad once accidently cut my hair - my fringe ;) He was messing about, joking that he would cut my hair and then he actually did... he was super shocked himself! However my hair was bright pink at the time and he's kept the hair? (weird?!) so its kinda cool to see remaints of my pink hair?

The first time i texted a boy and told him i liked him, i got so much anxiety i refused to go to school the next day. Both him and I pretended like nothing had happened ;)

There you go.... so many random facts about me :) It's amost fun to share the silly things i did when i was younger :)


  1. Hahaha I totally love those random facts, they're so out of context but at the same time sound like you ? (no offence !) and I understand the first one just so well: only difference, I tried, but I just couldn't say no to some salmon sushi and grilled chicken dancing in front of me ;)

    1. Hahaha :) Im glad you like them!
      Ive tried being a vegetarian as well... but it didnt work :/ Though my mum, sister and step dad are... so its only me who eats chicken and that.

  2. I just read the book "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer (it also suggests watching the short video "Meet your Meat" but the book gives a LOT more information). I highly recommend it although it left me feeling quite sick-ish...and this was a former meat lover

    1. I want to watch those, but then again not... because i get VERY affected by those types of things. Infact, i still cant eat spaghetti after a comment that my sister made when i was younger, and there are other foods which i still cant eat today because i heard or saw something nasty aboutt hem....
      I am well aware of the meat industry and know that really, it would be better for the environment and animals if i was a vegetarian or vegan.... but at the same time, ive talked to my mum and she told me that really i shouldnt worry about those types of things. That i dont eat so much meat (i try to eat quorn 80% of the time) though i do eat eggs and egg whites which of course isnt good for the animals and things like that. But also, i know that if i turned vegan which i most probably would try to do if i watch those types of shows, i wouldnt be able to get the energy amount i need.
      But i think that for those who eat alot of meat it would be good for them to watch.