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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rainy Sunday

The time has passed by so slowly today, but at the same time... i wonder where the day has gone? I hate how its getting so much darker now a days, its only 7.30pm but its already pitch black outside... I dont even want to think how it will be in winter when its dark at 4pm - and most days thats when i finish school... ( Usch, go to school in the dark and come home in the dark... one of the reasons Sweden is one of the top countries where people become depressed. Long, dark, winters.

But im not going to focus on that... instead, im going to focus on the positives of today :)

Today i havent left the house at all, which is common on Sundays for me...Most days i need to leave the house for a minimum of 5 minutes, just for my sanity. But today it has been grey and raining all day, i havent even wanted to be close to a window as ive felt its made my mood go down to -10. So instead, hours infront of the computer with research. Miles upon miles of scrolling through IG and Tumblr. Cup after cup of tea or coffee. The hours between meals passing by like minutes. My inboxes filling up with emails all day. Slowly ticking off school work from my list. Episode after episode of series watched....
  And to finish (not really) my day i decided to make sushi! We didn't have any rice vinegar and we didnt have rice, salmon or avocado (but we had the seaweed sheets and soya sauce), so idecided to improvise. And it turned out really yummy!
  I made cauliflower sushi with tofu or tuna! They didnt turn out so good - picture wise - but the taste was great. Even my sister agreed :)

My mobile, picasa and blogger dont seem to be co-operating with me... so instead of pictures of my sushi, you get a picture of my afternoon snack today!

Now its time to pack my bag, get ready for tomorrow, get some Me time and also finish my day with a night snack :)


  1. In Russia it's the same. Going to school and coming home in the dark. And when it does get light you're stuck in school. Not so nice :( though I mean if you were in a rush in the morning and aren't looking your best then nobody really notices until it gets light and you've already woken up. So that's good! Another thing I dislike is when theres ice and you can't quite see it so may trip. That's happened to me before :/ so if it gets icy in Sweden just a little reminder so you don't fall;)
    That snack looks delicious! Now I want some oranges, ahaha! :)

  2. Oh, please don't remind me of how close winter is :( I'm really not looking forward to the darkness.. In Denmark it's also dark when you co to school and when you go home again.. So depressing!! :(

  3. Mmmmh winter... Warm blankets, steaming hot beverages, snow flakes, evenings by the fireplace, Christmas, New Year, cinnamon smells, trees looking like they were sculpted in ice, snowmen, snowball fights and angels on the ground ! Time to become kids once again ;) as much as I prefer summer like a billion times, everything ain't that bad, cheer up. - C.

  4. I think you are very lucky to have all 4 seasons. One of my dream is to touch and play with the snow because it's never snows in Malaysia. It just sunny and rainy all the year (mostly sunny). Have a great day :)