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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Questbars or chocolate?

I got asked via email which i would choose from Questbars or chocolate? Which i preferred... and I'm sure that person might not be the only person who wonders this. Because well, I LOVE questbars and chocolate is the best thing i know :)

And choosing either or, is too hard. Because it all depends on the situation.... there are times where i just don't fancy, crave or want chocolate. Not even dark chocolate or chocolate covered nuts, but instead i feel i want more things like eggs, quark and questbars. (i.e more protein rich food). But then there are times where i would 150% choose chocolate over questbars... i want the yummy taste and energy from chocolate.

It all depends on the time, but also what type of chocolate or questbar flavour we are talking about ;) I mean if its a cookies and cream questbar versus digestive chocolate, then i would 200% choose the questbar. But if its Daim chocolate v.s a chocolate brownie questbar, then i would definitely choose the chocolate :) :)

I believe in balance and moderation. Eating too many questbars isn't good, just like eating too much chocolate isn't good.

But if you really need an answer and not satisfied with my 50/50 answer. Honestly i think i would have to say that i would choose chocolate :) I mean if i was stranded on an island I'm sure i would want both, but more likely to bring a lifetime supply of my favourite chocolate (which at the moment is Marabou Biscuit!) (hahaha, just as I'm writing this post my sister comes in and gives me the remaining of this exact bar!!! ^_^)

^^^Don't worry it was empty at this point, so no chocolate for her to eat (as i know its bad for dogs :))


  1. It always wrecks my heart to see how Daisy seems so destined to reach for your chocolates! Poor one was born in wrong body :--( haha

    Does that Marabou flavour taste like Milka Oreo, by the way? I'm noticing some soulsisterhood in the packaging :)

  2. Chocolate is the best!!!