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Friday, September 19, 2014

On my bucketlist: To try all Ben and Jerry flavours

If you've read my blog for a while then you will know a few of my favourite foods and one of them is Ben and Jerrys! Every time i buy and eat Ben and Jerrys i remember that day in 2010 when i wrote a post saying how much i wanted to eat some, but i had basically accepted the fact that i would never again eat Ben and Jerrys because just the thought of it gave me so much anxiety and i was so scared of the contents of the tub.
 Now? Well i think the contents is a tub of magical deliciousness :) :) Need i say more?

On my bucket list is also to try all the Ben and Jerry flavours, of course this might not be possible because there are so many limited edition flavours that come out in the U.S and not in Sweden. Part of the reason i want to move to the U.S is for the questbars and Ben and Jerrys :)
  There are still many flavours i havent tried. If i could i would try a new flavour everyday :)

The new flavour and special edition i bought was Satisfy my bowl. Banana ice cream with caramel & cookie swirls & chocolate peace signs.

I cant eat bananas so it did leave me with an itching and irritated throat, but it was worth it... to at least eat a 1/4 of the tub :) I couldn't eat much more 1) because it was insanely sweet and also because of my itching throat.
  I wouldn't say its my favourite flavour, not just because of the banana but because i like ice cream which has LOTS of things in it such as the Half Baked or Peanut butter cup.
  But it was nice to try a new flavour, and if it didn't irritate my throat so much i would actually buy it again :) :)

^^the ice cream was melting as i was taking the photos... ^_^


  1. That is so sad :( I know it's just food but when you're starving you want it so bad but at the same time not because it's just too scary. On a more positive note, I love Ben&Jerrys! I tried it for the first time this year (because of course they don't import it to certain countries :()and it was love at first sight ;)I had the Half baked flavor. A bit too sweet but still delicious. Eating out of the tub must be nice :) I would only be able to do that if there was just a little left so I'd finish it, because my family likes ice cream too. Banana wouldn't be my favorite ice cream flavor (at least that's what I think). I'm a little sick of bananas right now, ahaha! So I will be taking a break from them for now. That way we can not eat bananas together, so you don't feel left out, ahaha! :) I like rich flavors like chocolate, cookies, PB, vanilla etc. more

    1. Ben and jerrys is super delicious :) And the half baked is one of my fabourites :)
      Hahaha ;) ;)

  2. ooooohhhh why don't we have that flavour in holland? Looks delisssshhh! I love the flavour cookie dough:) do u have that in Sweden?

    1. Its a new flavour, it might come soon :)
      Yes i love that flavour!! :) Used to be my favourite but now half baked or peanut butter cup is my favourite :)
      Which is your favourite? :)

    2. Cant choose between peanut butter cup and cookie dough:)))