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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Normal eating is different everyday

One of the things to remember with normal eating is that it is different everyday. Most of the time, if you are just following your bodies signals you dont eat the same each day. Somedays you are are extra hungry so take a morning snack, otherdays you feel less hungry so eat a little less dinner (that normal) or you only eat something little as a snack compared to what you usually eat. And thats all ok... because when you are just living a normal life with daily activity then your body tells you when you need more food. Maybe you are more tired or stressed and so your body calls for food. And other times you just aren't as hungry and there is no problem with that. Your body can cope with it... Its basically +/-. So you stay a stable weight.

Take yesterday for example, i had breakfast at 6.30am, snack at 10am, lunch 12.15pm, then i didnt come home until 4.30 pm and then i took a shower and didnt get to eat my snack until 5pm and then i ate another mini snack at 7pm and then i wasnt hungry again until 8.45pm and realised i hadnt eaten dinner but knew i had to eat something so i made Brinner (breakfast for dinner) and then before i went to bed at c.a 10.30pm i ate an orange and an apple. My days dont always look like that, but there is no real structure or timing to when i eat... of course when i go to school when i eat breakfast and lunch are already decided but with snacks and dinner etc and what i eat, that is all about what im craving.
  Though as yesterday was a little messed up food wise, i made sure to eat enough through PB... i ate c.a 3,5 BIG table spoons of peanut butter as well as lots of nuts to get the right energy! Sometimes its not about the quantatity, but the quality? ;) haha Does that even make sense!

Do i recommend you eat breakfast for dinner when you are in recovery, no not really. But when you are healthy then those things happen.... know that its ok to eat dinner later than normal. Or to just eat a sandwich or soup and sandwiches or even breakfast food... as long as its not an everyday thing then if it happens now and again, its ok :) There shouldnt be full control over food and timing etc The body is more clever than the mind sometimes :)

Snack part 1 yesterday, and then i made bread and ate that with spread for snack 2

And my brinner... egg white oatmeal, eggs, quark, strawberris and lots of PB!


  1. Hi
    Izzy I just want to say thank you soo sooo much for writing your blog and it has helped me so much, you are such a amazing girl and inspiration to me! Even though I never was diagonosed with a ED I have an anxiety disorder and because I was so nervous I lost heaps of weight and was at Xkg my parents councillor and GP then found out and weren't happy with me... And it was putting on weight when my anxiety got the best of me and I started cheating... But that was a log time ago now and my life is good, and I am only 1 kg away from my goal weight!!! :)
    So thank you so much izzy!! I really mean it!! :)

    Lots of love and hugs
    Xoxo :)

  2. I am guilty of getting into habits with my eating, and it causes me a lot of anxiety if I eat outside of my 'normal' times. This is something I am trying to work on though! But it's not easy! P.S., that quark in the last 2 pictures looks perfect (; I'm a bit jealous

  3. Your food always looks so good!!! Brinner is one of those meals that's pretty common in college, and it's pretty yummy if I do say so myself... not that I'd have it every day, haha! xD Oatmeal and fruit, or waffles and fruit with vegan sausages are two of my top favorite brinners. The strawberries in your oatmeal, are they fresh or frozen strawberries thawed out? They look super yummy. ^^
    Oh, and I really liked your metabolism post. VERY true. I credit my super speed metabolism for eating a large amount of food during recovery. :D