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Friday, September 19, 2014

My opinion on HRM monitors

Dear Izzy :-) Maybe you could write something about the use of fitness 
watches during training. (Which shows you your heart rate, calories burned 
etc.). I bike, run and do weights and personally I feel like some people 
think I'm not doing my best when not using a watch. While what I am 
actually doing is simply having fun and LISTENING to my body and responding 
if it starts to hurt. Also I do find the calories a bit triggering.. What 
is your opinion on this? 

My opinion on heart rate monitors is that they are a bit unnecessary... unless you buy those with GPS which you might like when you do alot of running. Exercise SHOULDNT be seen as just calorie burning... If you start thinking or worrying about 'how many calories did i just burn', 'was this workout long enough' or 'was this workout hard enough' 'can i eat my night snack today or do i need to do another 30 minutes on the treadmill' etc, then its not a healthy relationship with exercise.
   For some people, having a HRM which tells them how much they burn during workous can be great. Just the thing they need... and even some people who recover from eating disorders find them useful, so they know how much extra they need to eat. However, if you are so focused on calories and numbers, then i dont know how healthy your mind is.
Like you wrote, exercise should be about fun. Doing what you can and enjoying.... you dont always have to give 150%.  Somedays your 100% is very different and somedays you can only give 50%, and thats ok as well.

I bought a HRM in 2012, mostly because it was a trend, i thought they were pretty and i thought it could be useful for me to know how much i actually burned during my workouts. And it was a bit of a shock to me, to realise just how much i burned during my workouts, it was then i began realising that i wasn't eating enough. I also did a week of tracking how much i ate and realised that i was undereating by quite a bit. So the HRM was helpful to me. I used it for a while when i first bought it, but then the battery started acting weird and didnt use it so often. Then i used it a little summer 2013 but not so much. And then i think i used it 2 or 3 times this year, just to see... But otherwise it just lies in one of my draws, not being used. For me, i dont want my workouts to be connected with calories. I dont want to have to think, Wow now i need to eat this much... i just follow my bodies signals and that works for me. I find that i can easily fall back into the calorie counting again, so i avoid it. But also because of my past exercise addiction i don't like being or feeling forced to exercise and i don't like having the feeling of someone or something counting the time i exercise or how many calories i burn. It takes the fun away. My workouts are about fun and enjoyment :)

In some cases HRM's can be good, they can be helpful. But i really dont think they are necessary. You can still see progress, eat enough and keep reaching goals without knowing calories burned during workouts :)

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