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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Movie time & dinner.

This evening/afternoon has mostly been spent infront of the computer. It started with eating a late lunch and watching an episode or two of Desperate housewives... not wanting to leave my body, not wanting to use my brain or have to write on an assignment. But after some motivational words i got myself to the kitchen table and got an hour of work done. I like to do a little everyday, it feels better that way... even if its just research and finding a few useful websites for my essay, its a start and it means that when i finally begin to put the whole thing together its not as much. So a little everyday is one of my best tips for you in school and are struggling with school stress. This goes for recovery as well infact... small steps towards recovery everyday help! You dont have to make giant leaps everyday, but small progress is better than nothing :)

I was home alone for dinner again today... Its usual in my house, so im used to it. But today i didnt  feel like creating my own recipe or doing anything advanced. So i used the left over quorn from yesterdays taco dinner and my sister had gluten free spaghetti from when she ate dinner (a very early dinner as she was going away) so i ate that.
   I've mentioned it before, but i have bad memories with spaghetti.. haha, sounds weird. But when i was little my sister made some comments about spaghetti which have stuck in my head ever since, and it hasnt been my go-to carb soure when it comes to dinner or lunches. But i mean im older now, i cant let some silly comments when i was 5 stop me from eating spaghetti. I love gnocci and fresh pasta with filling, so its no problem with that... just spaghetti. I was a very picky child when i was younger - infact, thats almost something i could write about, haha!
But i enjoyed the dinner anyway.... took a long time to get to the actual point of what i was writing :) :) Just thought i would give that little background information! :)

^¨And it was all mixed together afterwards, i just thought it looked better in the photo not mixed ;)

During dinner i decided to watch the film Maleficent... i like Angelina Jolie and i like Disney films so i thought it would be good.
   And in general it was.  I mean, it wasnt a bad film.. just a little pointless. 80 minutes and not alot happened... I mean, it didn't grab my attention and just make me forget everything else. Infact i checked how long the film was several times, wondering when something interesting was going to happen. Hahah, i am cery critical when it comes to films, so maybe my reviews aren't that great. But i mean if you want something to watch, then its a good movie :) Something to help pass the time anyway!
  But maybe not one of my top 10 movies or a movie i feel i have to watch again ;)

Has anyone seen Maleficent? Did you like it? :)


  1. I totally agree with your review. I wouldn't say it was bad either but I found it somehow predictable, like there weren't real twists of events that leave you with this never-saw-this-coming kind of feeling. But costumes/make-up/decorator/art designer must have had loads of fun making the movie, those were pretty cool I thought. I found "Lucy" by Luc Besson to be more fresh-meat material from what I saw lately. Not the same type at all though

    1. Yeah i forgot to mention the effects, they were pretty cool and we'll done! as well as the make up and clothes! I find that many recent films aren't that good, not compared to some of the older films that have a real meaning and a good plot!

  2. What are you top 10 movies right now, Izzy?

  3. I loved Maleficent! I watched it twice :)


    P.S: What recovery blogs do you follow?

  4. For some reason I didn´t like the actors and actresses chosen for the roles. Angelina Jolies face is too fammiliar fom other places and the fanning girl didn´t quite fit my picture of Aurora. I expected someone older, I think :) But the effects were well done.