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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Morning energy!

Good morning :)
   I thought i had scheduled a post for this morning, but apparently not... so my first post is coming up now. A little later than usual!
Tuesdays are the day where i can sleep in as well as have time for other things, so im planning to go to the gym and then get to school an hour early so i can sit and work on some assignments as well as start working on my inbox which is piling up!!
  On the menu for breakfast this morning was a fruit salad, one of my new favourites in the morning :) So simple and quick to make and also delicious and lots of energy :)
  Recently i have been eating alot more than before... or it feels like it anyway, maybe i amnt really. But i feel happier, have more energy (Well, apart from right after school. But thats because by that point i havent eaten in a few hours) I dont feel as stressed. And also my body isnt as bloated either!! All of this because im eating more and eating more carbs!!! Dont be afraid of food, sometimes the answer to your problems is more food....
  and other times its less stress, more sleep, water, a friend etc etc... :)


  1. Looks so yummy!! Is that yoghurt on top of the fruit salad? Random question: do you always eat your eggs boiled? And i wish i had celsius drink where I lived too!! :)

    1. Its quark mixed with yoghurt :)
      In the mornings yes :) I dont like fried or scrambled eggs... plus i boil eggs in the evening as both my sister and I like to eat them for breakfast :) I usually add some salt to them and then just eat them as they are!! Love it that way :)
      Celsius is delicious :) Much nicer than other energy drinks!

  2. "Morning Energy"...????
    Well not for today. I feel exhausted, night has been restless...not that I could not sleep but because I have been keeping banging on my relationship with my mother.
    I sort of realised that I do not love/like her anymore.....(I have talked about her in a previous post...)
    She is "visiting" me for a while (not really visiting me but more trying to "rest" from my father, neighbours ...everything that pisses her off at her house)

    We had an "ultimate" row yesterday morning on the phone and decided that each of us (father + mother) and me will do separate food shopping.

    I do not want her to come over my apartment father why not but not her.
    She is toxic ! Reason why my sisters do not want to have her under their feet's ! (For an hours or 1/2 days it's ok but that's it) But me it is different, she stays by me and my apartment is hers (she changes everything, gives my things to my sisters or throw them saying I do not need this or that...I am done now)

    I do not love her anymore...and do not even want to call her mum anymore.

    I am planning buying an apartment .... and have decided that I will not leave her enter this apartment once ! Sort of not to allow her to contaminate it with her bad and toxic waves.

    I have to start everything from nil and rebuilt myself .... It shall, must not be with "her" around me.

    I do not know how to call her now...can call her by her name...She would kill me !!!!! But I do not want to call her "mum" either anymore....

    Am I a bad person to react in such a way ????

    1. Have you talked to your mum or dad about this? It seems like the only way... you obviously dont have a good relationship with your mum and if she is rude/mean to you or brings you down the you should avoid her. Though its hard to give you advice as i dont really know whats going on and family is such a private thing. So i think you should talk to them and maybe go to a therapist or something as well to talk about all the issues and problems. That can be great help :)
      And i dont think you are a bad person for reacting this way. However i think you should stay calm and nto start panicking or freaking out.... because that wont help the situation either.

  3. Do you think 600kcal breakfast is too much?

    1. Nope, thats a great amount :) Mine is usually (guessing) around 400-500 and when iwas at Mando my breakfast was around 600-750 kcal :)

  4. Izzy, how do make the difference between "I don't like fried or scrambled eggs" vs "I prefer boiled eggs" when it all about ED ?
    My family will immediately said: ED prefer boiled eggs because less fat !!! No effort from you !!!

    1. Well for me, i can eat all types but my favourite is boiled :) How i know its not a sick thought... well when i was sick i said i was allergic to eggs because i was so scared of the egg yolk ;) So i know its not any sick thought. I wouldnt call myself healthy if i still had fears such as eating a fried egg.

      But how you can tell? Well you know honestly whether you choose to eat a boiled egg because it has less calories than a fried egg.... though the difference is barely any. So its a silly irrational fear. You should choose the one you like most, not the one you think has less calories.
      How you show your parents? Show them that you can eat fried or scrambled egg but that 4/5 times you choose to eat a boiled egg. Earning trust from parents is a hard thing, it takes time. But eventually they will see that not every choice to make is one about calories when it comes to food... though that is to say, if you are actually healthy!