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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Meals from 2012 vs. meals from 2014

I thought i would show you a little example of how i ate in 2012 when i was half recovered, thinking i was eating lots... but not trusting my body. Not eating when i was hungry, scared of carbs, scared of healthy fats... restricting. But that lead to me binging in the evenings, especially on things like bread, crisp bread, granola, rasins, rice pudding... all a sign that my body needed energy and carbs.
    I've shown plenty of photos from how i looked at that stage, so dont need to repeat those. But you can see from those photos to now that the increase in food did me a GOOD thing. At that time i was running and walking and just over doing myself, not resting enough and not eating enough. And my results were weightloss, depression, binge eating... It also lead to me getting sugar addicted and eating chocolate 4-6 times a week (haha, i still do that sometimes now a days. But now its a because i want it... but before it was like i felt like something was missing, i had this constant craving for chocolate. But also i restricted to compensate for eating chocolate which jsut lead to even more chocolate cravings)

Eat for your goals!!!!

^^An afternoon snack

^Lunch...  -_-'

Egg white omelette

a night/afternoon snack... Not even any butter/spread.

^^Lunches.... with next to no energy,

^¨Snacks... yet again, barely any energy.

And my snacks/food NOW....

Am i saying that you have to eat exactly like me? The amount i eat... of course not.
However, i thought that what i ate in 2012 (at the time) was ALOT... even though they were like 25% of what i had eaten according to my meal plan from Mando...
So remember when you eat intuitivly... it can be easy to end up undereating, but its ok to eat!!! You need it!!!
Food is GOOD. Its necessary, DONT be scared of food.

Trust me, i wouldnt look the way i look now or even live the life i live now if i was still scared of eating or food.
 Feeling guilty over food is NOT living. 


  1. That is what I'm trying to tell myself everyday. It is food, what is there to be scared of. I'm not being fed burgers or chips everyday. I'm having normal healthy food which people have eaten for God knows how long and not everyone is overweight or unhealthy they are just "normal" (I do hate that word to describe people but you know what I mean!)

  2. Great post, like always, Izzy! :)

    I would love to read more about intuitive eating :) Also about distorted body image.... It happens to me that I think frequently that the person next to me is so much thinner than me.. In reality, it's me the bony one... How did you solve this problem? How can you compare yourself correctly with the person next to you?

    With all my love,


    1. I feel exactly the same. I am suffering from extreme body dysmorphia and it is making recovery so hard.

      I too would like to hear your opinion on this and intuitive eating.

  3. What you said is very true! Everyone should eat enough for themselves and be able to eat all foods, not be scared of food. These reminders make things that bit easier :)

    1. Oh, forgot to mention. Your food looks so much yummier now!

  4. I used to put no spread either.Im starting to now cause I realise that it actually does not make any difference to my weight.Your food looks so much more delicious now!

  5. This is so inspirational, Izzy!! I wish I could eat like you do now but I am stuck in that half recovered phase and I'm scared to change. Any advice on this? You are a big inspiration to me :) xxx

  6. I truly love this post !! Haha I don't know why but it feels so honest and it illustrates so well how we can get scared by smaller amounts at the beginning. To anyone also fighting for recovery, this really shows how every step we take even if it's starting with this new one tsp of spread on a slice of bread is an improvement and that it is by taking all those steps, even if they can look minimalistic to outside people, that we can get from "2012" to "2014". Each journey starts with a step. Sincerely, how could we stay indifferent to such beautiful plates ? That's like life screaming "come back, I'm worth it!" ;) - C.

  7. I agree with this sooooo much! In fact, while people accuse me of being vegan to restrict again, the opposite is true. Instead of "crap, I ate 150g yogurt instead of 100g" it's "whoops, did I really just eat 200g of cashews?" Food becomes something more than calories, because you realise your food affects more than just your weight- it affects your health, your happiness, your personality, and the world around you. It's the same thing when you start to strength train (at least for me)- you have a newfound respect for your body and what it can do, and you can't go harder and faster unless you fuel yourself properly. You start to realise that you don't "look" any different on a day that you went for a run and on a rest day- even if on a rest day your thighs might look huge and on a run day you look like a smokin' bikini babe. And at least for me anyway- since I dress in a way that forces people to appreciate my mind rather than my legs/arms/abs, why should it matter if I have a 2 pack or a 6 pack? Nobody else can see them...and even if they could, I never notice other people's stomachs, why would they judge me on mine?
    Sorry for the long ramble, but it's like the same story as Izzy's! I'm still on my weight gaining journey, but it's so funny to note that my new snacks are bigger than my old meals- and a lot of that is thanks to this blog!