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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lets think positive & Be positive

Its easy to think negative, let the negative comments take over. Look in the mirror and dislike what we see, but today (and just like everyday) i say No... Instead, focus on the positive. Because well... a negative mind leads to a negative day and a negative life.

And also, because loving yourself is the BEST investment you can make to your future, so lets all be kind to ourselves today. And i want YOU (Yes, you... it takes 2 minutes to comment, whether you are on your phone or computer) to tell me what your favourite thing about yourself is ?
 It can be a characteristic, something about your personality, or something about your body!! (Though please refrain from saying things like, i love my thigh gap or my visible collar bones)

And if you feel like it/have time, also comment about something good that has happened in your day/will happen? Or just a positive thought

Lets be kind towards ourselves and see our positives, NOT our negatives :)

Im expecting many comments on this post :) hahah


  1. I love how understanding and non judgmental I am. Even if I haven't gone through what the other person has I won't judge, I'll try to help in the best way possible :) I also like my long eyelashes, my strong feet (sounds weird, I do ballet;)), my long fingers and long brown hair (even if it has split ends, haha!)
    That was more than one, ahaha! ^^
    My day wasn't all good, unfortunately :( I broke down in tears more than twice and had no one to talk to. Was feeling very stressed and helpless. BUT I carried on. In the morning I skyped my friends from my old school, which was very heartwarming :) But the #1best thing that happened today is we finally found a house and already signed a lease!! I am so happy!! (I'll get my own room!) Oh and also the landlord offered me a job as a babysitter for his kids. And what do you know, I was looking for a babysitting job! Two great things that happened today. My day wasn't all good, but there certainly was something great in it too :)

    1. I think its great that you posted more than 1 thing :) Its a good thing to be positive and like who you are and how you look, so the more things you like about yourself the better :) If someone wants to make a list of 100 things they love about themselves they are more than welcome to post it and share it :)

      I'm sorry about that, its always hard when you feel alone and feel like there is no one you can talk to :( But atleas you could skype your friends, and that you were able to keep going! And im happy that you found a house and maybe even gotten a job :) Two good things in 1 :) Hopefully those both work out for you :) Have a lovely day... or evening? Or tomorrow... if that is the case`? :) haha (Time difference problems!)

    2. Thank you :) it really means a lot to me. Yeah, I think it will, it feels right. In this case it would be night or next day, ahaha! Yeah it's a bit tricky ;) sometimes you even forget there's a time difference. And you have a lovely day! :)

  2. I love how loyal I am. If anyone something unkind about my friends or family when they aren't there (or if they are) I will always stand up for them and defend them. I also think that I'm a very good listener and I love helping and giving advice to anyone who needs it and thirdly I try to be kind to everyone always and include them that are being left out :) oops getting a bit egotistical here - that was three things! Heehee. Thanks for this post izzy this is the first thing I've written this morning and it's put me in a positive mood hopefully in preparation for a positive day!! I'll comment later the positives that happened today :) you're amazing izzy!
    Kat x

  3. I am honest, responsible, and hard-working:)
    For my body, I love my skin and my arms.

  4. I like my intelligence, and how I will do anything for the people I love.
    I like the shape of my lips.
    I like my kindness and humour.

    This has really put me in a good mindset for today, so thank you, Izzy! Yesterday was an okay day, but I want today to be positive.

    Have a good day, Izzy. Sending lots of hugs from England!

    -Rose x

  5. I love both physical aspects and characteristics about myself.
    I love how willing I am to include people. I like how much I care for animals. I like the fact that I care about our environment. I love that I'm in touch with my feelings. I also love how thick my hair is. I love that my eyes aren't green or blue- but both! I love that I'm tall. I love that I have a supportive mother. I love that I can find beauty in people's writing. I love that I get involved happily with things in life.
    Today, I am excited for my next lesson- English! I'm also excited to go to the gym later and make myself an amazing dinner!

  6. I love that I can draw and paint :) and I have a tiny beautymark on my arm that looks like a heart ^_^

  7. i love that i'm so incredibly compassionate towards both people and animals. On a more superficial level, i love my arms!

  8. I have huge green eyes and i love them:) i also love my acting talent and my voice(love to sing)

  9. I'm almost all the time very confident with my face! My arms are quite strong, too. I am very aware of my style and just waiting for a chance to order some special pieces of clothing online. I'm proud to be blunt, open-minded and mainly unprejudictive at the same time. I love the fact that I learn words instantly, both in my mother tongue and other languages. I know who I am and stick to that even though I sometimes worry if anyone can stand me this way.

    I will stand my way, all the way.

    And my Finnish exam today went totally cool (I actually hadn't even stressed it out at all beforehand), tomorrow I'll have exam of physichs that I'm as confident with.

    And now I feel like I'm all roostering here :( Haha, I guess I shouldn't.

    But HEY, what about yourself, Izzy? (Oh God I spelled Ozzy first.. Strangely that hasn't happened before!)

  10. I love my one dimple on my left cheek... Reminds me of my mother, Hehe

  11. Heiii :)
    That´s a really cool idea, love it ;)
    What I actually like about myself is that I have a huge sense of humor :D (even though maybe not everyone understands it all the time, but I always try to make people laugh)
    Sooooooooomething good, that happened to me today is that I´ve booked my flight to Lisbon in one week and I am very exited and happy about it :)
    Hope you´re all doing well :) xxx

  12. I love the shape of my feet and my long fingers. I also love that I inherited my mother's olive skin.
    As for today, i'm really looking forward to catching up with a new friend I made, We only talked for the first time last night but what was to be a brief conversation over dinner in the university dining hall became several hours. Today we are getting lunch together and going for a walk into town - can't wait :)
    And thanks Izzy for this little challenge, it has been a great way to start my day. I hope everyone else out there reading Izzy's blog has a great day too :)

  13. I love how I can make awesome bread and cakes and cookies etc...of how I can fill the kitchen with lots of gorg smells as I bake! I like the way I am always ready to listen to my loved ones when they need someone to talk to...I like to think I am a friend who is always there and that I can be relied on. I know that I am trustworthy and that I will never betray a secret.Today was a truly lovely day...I finally got to meet up with a friend I hadn't seen for four months and we had a big catch-up. The weather was so beautiful and walking my dog through the woods, with all the multi-coloured leaves of autumn, just made me so, so happy. Now I'm drinking hot chocolate and reading Izzy's blog before bed and I have a pair of wooly socks and cosy pjs on...the perfect end to a perfect day :) hope you all had lovely days too <3 x

  14. I love my eyes. I love that I can read people really well and respond to their needs. I love that I'm patient with little kids and I love that I stand up for what I believe in. I love that I am stubborn and will not give up if I truly want something. I love that I take initiative and am creative and emotionally strong. I love that I step up for my family and my friends when they need me. I love that I have a strong support system. I love that I have long hair and a great taste in clothes and jewelry. I love that I can cook for others. I didn't quite come up with a list of 100 things to post, but this was fun! A nice way to end what was a very long day at work/school. A positive today would be that I made a phone date with one of my best friends who lives farther away that I haven't talked to in a really long time. And some nice person I met helped me find one of my classes :)