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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Keep calm and carry on

Wednesday morning, once again.... where does the time even go?
    Yesterday when i came home i had so much energy, but still... it felt like i didnt do anything productive at all. I didn't get any school work done.. but i decided that instead i will stay after school tomorrow and work on it :) Need a break sometimes.
   But then at 9.45pm i got this rush of energy and began writing notes and half studying for my science test on Thursday.... Weird energy levels when i have alot going on. Though after 15 minutes of that i was super tired....
  Though i dont blame this weird energy level on stress, i blame it on the snacks i ate earlier... i.e a sugar high and then a blood sugar drop. A bit like with people who are sensitive to coffee, at first they get loads of energy and then it all goes away and they are left feeling tired and low.
   Chocolate is great, but not an overdose of chocolate anyway :) hahaha

Wednesday morning and something which i have thought about is that from when i wake up i dont actually say anything out loud until about 2 hours later when im in school....Of course somedays when someone else is awake i say hi, but most often its just me up in the morning getting ready. But as i always write blog posts in the mornings its like i am talking... its like i spend 30 minutes or so just sitting and talking to myself ;) haha. But really all im doing is writing.
  It sounds strange and hard to actually put words to my thoughts, but im sure some of you know what i mean... like if you live alone. Then its often that you dont use your voice until you meet someone which can be hours or days apart.... *Strange*

Now my breakfast is finished and its time to pack my bag and get ready :)

What are YOUR plans for today? :)

^¨It was alot darker in real life, had to brighten the photos.... you know its autumn when you have to begin doing that! haha


  1. good morning izzy! hope our day goes well

    -rose x

    1. Thank you so much :) I hope you have a lovely day as well!

  2. Another beautiful breakfast, it's a pleasure to see them!
    Today happens to be a break day in the middle of my exam week, so I got some rest last night. I still put on an alarm as otherwise I would've sunk into my sheets for at least three hours longer which would've messed my rhythm then.

    So, reading, one recap class around the noon and possibly a workout later on.

    Also I'm getting anxious as I accidentally drank out of someone else's bottle in my dance rehearsal yesterday. Psychosomatic symptoms, psychosomatic symptoms everywhere!

    I hope my cheer won't bring bad vibes into your day like it did on Monday: enjoy yourself today!

    1. Im glad you like them :)
      Ohh that sounds nice witha break... though not as nice with an exam week. We have an exam week sometime before Christmas break... so not looking forward to that.
      I hope you havea good day!!

      Ohh.. that doesnt sound nice, but i am sure you will be ok :) Its like kissing somone... you share someone elses germs/saliva.... you will be ok!!!

  3. I know what you mean. When I'd get up for school my sister would have already left and everyone else is still asleep. So I don't use my voice so much until I get to school. A lot of times a funny thing would happen: from not talking for so long in addition to cold weather and a soar throat when I do start speaking I can hardly hear my voice and need to clear my throat, ahaha! So if I'm talking to someone on the street it can get a bit awkward.
    My day is pretty much over, it's 11:02 pm here, ahaha! So I'll answer a little differently ;) tomorrow I am hoping to go grocery shopping so I can get some fruit, eggs and yogurt (I eat yogurt at least once a day because it's so yummy and you can eat it differently by adding all kinds of toppings! But at the moment we're out so I really, really want to get some tomorrow!) also I'll probably be looking for a present for my sister for her birthday. And hopefully hit the gym. Not much really but that's ok :) I'm trying to enjoy my time of school while I can! :) getting rest and enjoying myself.
    On a side note, in less than an our these will be my plans for today and not tomorrow.
    I hope you have a lovely day! :)

    1. Ohh yes, that has happened to me before as well. Say if i start later than normal and go to the gym before school and havent spoken until like 12pm... then its like i cant use my voice, almost!
      Hahah sounds like a good day :) I guess you are half way into your day now so i hope you are enjoying it!! And having no plans sometimes is kind of nice.

  4. I'm spending the day entertaining my 2 1/2yr old son. This will include a play gym this morning and who knows what this afternoon. It depends if it stops raining here anytime soon! Have a good day everyone x

    1. I hope you have a lovely day and that taking care of your son isnt too hard, make sure to get some relaxing time as well!

  5. Great day and step on my side this morning: instead of my same old muesli mix (always the same to be on the save side) i swiched to buttered bread with honey !
    I almost forgot the taste of the butter....i admit it was delightfull !!!

    Today is cold cold cold....not really in the mood to go to the office but rather stay in bed with my book.
    After a little bit of efforts and a nap in the tube.....a full day at the office.

    1. Yummm, bread and butter is delicious, im glad you could enjoy it. And remember that you like butter, definitely not something to be scared of!!
      I had the same feelings this morning, but they went away when i got to school. And when i came home and could finally lie in my bed again it felt extra nice after having left the house and be productive!

  6. Izzy, is that tea on the side of you coffee? How much liquid do you drink per day? And how much do you think is needed? Everyone says sg different sometimes I don't know whether 1,5 l is enough or I should drink 3 litres?!
    Do you drink the amount that's on the picture at one sitting? And just one more question? It is said that it's not advised to drink during eating what's more, within a certain time interval before and after eating as well. Does this theory concern water as well? How much time should I wait after eating? Do you follow such 'rules' or...? Sorry if it's a lame question I just thought you might wright a few lines about this.

    1. Ive answered your questions in a post coming up in a few hours :)

  7. well, just for breakfast i have 2 cups of tea (500ml total) + milk in my muesli (150ml) + juice (150ml)
    already 800ml
    arrive at the office and before noon I have 1 coffee and 2 tea = 700ml
    at lunch i do not drink as my food already quench my thirst but I have 1 or 2 coffee afterwards = 450ml
    until diner i can have 700ml of tea
    and before bed an other 500ml tea
    + i drink all night (and also pee all night)

    seems that i drink something like, goosh,, more that 3L liquids.....

    No rule drink when you feel the need to , maybe not whist eating so that you are not full of water instead of food...some say taht drinking whilst eating dilutes digestive enzymes and make digestion harder....