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Monday, September 8, 2014

Just one of those days

Today has just been one of those days....One of those days where my energy has been non existent. Where i've just wanted to spend the day in bed, but having ot spend another day at home didn't seem that appealing either.
One of the first things that happened to me when i got to school was that my button of my jeans fell off (sounds strange, but it was only hanging on by a thread, but i decided to chance it because none of my other jeans fit me). Though i then realised it would have been better to take one of my non-fitting jeans. Luckily i was in the bathroom when it fell off, because well... my pants were wide open without the button ;);) Hahahha, i had to improvise or i would be stuck in the bathroom all day. Infact i contemplated ringing my mum and asking her to bring me jeans. But i fixed the problem with my hair tie!!! Note to all girls, ALWAYS have hair pins and hair ties with you ;) You never know when you will need them!

That was pretty much the excitment for the day. Otherwise my Mondays are the worst... lesson after lesson after lesson. I dont even have time to organize all the things i learn... its like it goes in one ear and out the other as new information comes to replace what i just learnt. Not sure what the teacher was thinking when he made our schedules having 4 lessons after each other (with a 30 minute break - from end of lesson to start of next lesson - for lunch) its hard to concentrate.
   That brings me to lunch... my school has stopped having the fish option which sucks for me, because most of the time there is never any vegetarian food left so i have to stand an extra 10 minutes waiting for something that i can eat - if i dont want to just eat lettuce leaves. And today that was the case, despite the fact that i barely had 20 minutes, so that left me with c.a 10 minutes to eat and barely any food on my plate.
   It didnt make the whole concentrating thing any easier... so my next lessons all i could think of was food.

Though im now thinking i will bring my own lunch with me on Mondays or atleast snacks i can eat in those 5 minutes inbetween classes.

That was my school day and when i came home my hunger had gone from extreme hunger to non existent as it had gone so long since i last ate.... but i made myself a big snack which afterwards just made me feel ill.... going from so hungry im not hungry to eating a huge amount isnt reccommended, it just leaves you with a sick feeling.
  Since then ive answered some random emails, tried to study for my test tomorrow, looked at all the homework i need to do but deciding to leave it until tomorrow. And that pretty much sums up my day. Feeling extra tired but im super excited about going back to the gym - hopefully - tomorrow! :)


  1. It sucks when you have to eat something you don't like, but I guess it's better than not eating at all. Bringing lunch with you is a good idea. I don't really like our school's cafeteria food so I'd bring my own lunch sometimes.
    Wow, you got lucky that it happened in the bathroom! A few years ago I was at the beach. I went to the restrooms to put on my swimsuit. It was the kind that had a sort of clip in back instead of strings. Then I reached for something from my bag and once I bent over the clip broke and my bathing suit just hung from my neck!I was so happy it happened in the restrooms and not outside. That's why I always have extra hair ties and safety pins with me ;)
    Ok this is a little personal but now I don't really care. I mean you share so much more with your readers so it shouldn't be a big deal :)

    1. Exactly!!
      Ohh hahah, doesnt sound like fun! And yeah, i was lucky it happened in a restroom.. cant imagine what people would have thought if they just saw the button fall off my jeans or if i had to try to run/walk to the bathroom to fix it ;);:)

      Dont worry, you're still somewhat anonymous... people cant put a face to your stories!

  2. That literally JUST happened to me! I went to the bathroom and the button broke off! and there one of the pairs of jean shorts I wear regularly too:( you know like the ones you always go for? Weird, this is the first time its happened to me.