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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

How to be normal/eat normal?

How to eat normally?

This is a question which is very hard to answer. I have posts about intuitive eating which you can read here:

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But otherwise, normal eating... its different from person to person. Some people are constantly on a diet or yoyo dieting. Others seem to have weird eating habits or being a very picky eater... but dont have an eating disorder. Others have allergies and intolerance's to certain foods. Some people like some food whilst others dont.... so everyone is different. Also the amount people need to eat.
  Some people can eat McDonalds everyday and eat lots of other things but dont gain weight at all, for others... eating chocolate too often leads to weight gain. That is all about DNA, genes, metabolism, body type, lifestyle etc so copying someone elses eating isnt the answer.
  You need to find what works for you.

This however brings me to my actual topic of this post... Spending time with friends and family and going out to eat with others is a good way of seeing how normal eating is. (As long as these people dont suffer with an ED or are on a diet). But then you can see... people order different things. They eat, they enjoy it. They should - hopefully-  not feel guilty about what they just ate.
  If you were to spend a whole day with people, or if you were to analyze how your friends and family eat you would see that some people eat little in the morning but eat a huge dinner and then eat things like chocolate and ice cream in the evenings. Others eat lots in the morning and for lunch and less in the evenings. Some people continuously snack throughout the day... some go and take handfuls of food as they pass the cabinets. Others are very structured with their eating and only eat 3 or 4 times a day... others eat 6-8 small meals per day.
 I.e everyone is different.

But seeing the careless, the free way of eating which normal and healthy people have can be very good for you who is struggling. To see your sister go take a glass of juice just like that. Or see your brother take an extra portion for dinner and then go take 2 cookies with milk after dinner. Or to see your dad or mum grab an apple or orange after lunch etc
   They dont over think or analyze every bite they take. They dont worry about the calories. At the end of the day they dont look at everything they ate, try to calculate their intake. 

Of course now a days, many people are using calorie counting apps or go to the gym to burn off that muffin they ate. So seeing actual healthy behaviour around food can be hard now a days but spending time with friends and family and healthy people can help give you an idea of what healthy and normal eating is.
  But also to show you the carefreeness... and you should learn to adapt some of that to your own lifestyle!!!

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